Even Canadians can see the BS from American news sources putting a democratic spin on things... it's THAT obvious.

Didn't feel like putting my tall rubber boots on this morning in order to wade through the thigh high bullshit the media is spoon-feeding the sheep so instead, I've done my normal account checking but steered clear of anything news or political.  BUT even so... a little bit seeps in to even those, which is fine, it isn't overwhelming.

However I had to chuckle when I saw even Canadians were chiming in on how blatantly obvious the fake protest and drama-filled media is being about the latest political hullabaloo.  It's so in your fricken face obvious...  LOL.

But for the most part my morning has been filled with doing my normal schedule, and now, counting down the minutes until baby goes down for his nap.  

Thought I'd pop in for a quick coffee chit chat and clear out my emails, check our bank account and other tasks that aren't fun but need to be done.  

It's dreary and gray outside; I need to find something that will bring some sunshine to my day!



From social media... including a comment by someone from Canada.

Even Canadians can see the BS from American news sources putting a democratic spin on things...  it's THAT obvious.

"Watching this all happen form Canada, I don’t really have any skin in the game, so I don’t really care one way or the other who wins the election. However I will say this. The media down there being 90%+ in bed with the Democrats is NOT good. State run media is always a bad idea. The American people are going to be manipulated constantly by the media to protect the party they work for. Trump supporters riot and it’s “domestic terrorism”. BLM/Antifa riot and its “mostly peaceful” protests. Which group caused more damage? If you answer that with facts, not feelings, this Capitol Hill rioting was peanuts compared to a summer of chaos from far left rioters. But you won’t hear that from CNN..."