First post of 2021, second cup of coffee... USPS document update to the missing legal docs mailed 12/5/20 and... God be with us in 2021

It's my first post of 2021 and my second cup of coffee.

For those keeping track of our documents mailed December 5th with a 2 day delivery/certified priority mail with the USPS, to a business 6 hours away... it's now January 1st and they are still in transit!  Ha.

Better yet - my request for a refund has been denied (although they won't give a reason).  Just a red 'denied' when I checked it.  Not that I need the few bucks back, but it's the principle.  The time frame for those documents has long passed and they are worthless now.  (*For those new to the story this was the 2nd packet attempted to mail signed, legal documents in.  We gave up and spent $60 to send them overnight FedEx to get them there on time.) Since then I've been tracking it to see if and when it will ever get there.

No New Year's Resolutions made here... I'm one of those people who rebel naturally against anything people tell me to do or even what I try to make myself to do.  If I'm going to do it anyway - awesome - it will get done, but if you tell me to do it, a big 'fuck you' results. New Year's 'resolutions' are like that to me. 

Instead, about 6 years ago I started to choose a word or topic for the year.  A topic I would focus and study, a word that I would try to strive to uphold, a mantra; something along those lines.

This year I wasn't sure what that word would be and didn't think about it or ponder it.  I figured if there was one, it would come to me.

And it did.

Yesterday as skimmed the awful, horrible, hate-filled headlines of the major news media (and then dug deeper into my own research to get the true, real stories and facts they were leaving out or taking out of context) I felt my frustration, desperation and hatred for humanity rising.  I muttered something like "Oh God, be with us..."  I knew to click away from the main stream media news as nothing good can come from the hatred and 'shock' partial news they love to spread in order to make money.

Very soon after that I stumbled across a random reference on an old, abandoned blog I happened upon by accident, to the name/word Immanuel (or Emmanuel) and it's meaning - which is "God with us". 

Immanuel (Hebrew: עִמָּנוּאֵל ‎ meaning, "God with us" or "God is with us"; also romanized: Emmanuel

Almost exactly what I had uttered in hopeless desperation after reading the news headlines not long before that.  I knew immediately that was my hope, my short prayer, my mantra and my 'word' for 2021.  Emmanuel.

Emmanuel. God with us.

God... be with us as enter into 2021 as I fear it's going to be much, much worse than 2020 ever was.




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