Fresh coffee in hand.

Did I mention over the past couple months that one of our dogs has had health issues?  I think I have mentioned in passing.  The issues are lymphoma (cancer) with some side-effects.  

One of the side of effects of Prednisone that she is now on is they have a huge increase in hunger and thirst.  The hunger part is easily taken care of as we control her food intake but obviously you want to have fresh water available at all times.  Oh boy has this made things... interesting... around these parts.

So the release of urine at any given time happens.  Luckily she spends most of her time on her dog bed, but yes I've found puddles soaking into the hard wood floors in the morning (ugh... ruining the floors... yes) and she's puddled on the 8X10 foot thick, rustic, jute fiber rugs (hours long process of taking up the rugs, bringing them outside to hose down and use strong cleaners on and then, because they won't dry in the cold, wet winter, we either spent 5-6 hours with a hair dryer trying to dry them or last time, my husband hooked up the leaf blower and used that to cut the dry time to 2-3 hours).  

Because the urine soaks through the dog bed(s) I have towels on them and under them as well as a rubber backed bathroom rug.  

We have two dogs however.  Two big dogs.  So the one that is sick obviously has 'accidents' but because she is constantly drinking water, her urine has almost no smell.  It's a nice light colored liquid and although it causes damage to the wood floors, it doesn't stink.  Whew.  Now the bad part of this little coffee-ramble though...

The second bigger dog has apparently decided that since her sister can have accidents on the dog beds, so can she.  Only hers isn't an accident.  And her urine is not 'watered down' from excess drinking due to Prednisone.  Her urine is not only yellow, stinks like normal strong dog urine, but hers was intentional.  That means while the other dog has unintentional smaller leaks between going 'out' to potty, this bigger dog decided to let it all out.

Last night I discovered this when I spied a huge wet puddle on one of the dogs beds, and investigating, found it stinked like strong urine, was more than the other dog normally went and unfortunately had soaked through the rubber backed bathmat, through the towel and through the dog bed.


And the dogs use both beds interchangeably, so both beds are fair game.   And after the big dog peed all over one bed, she didn't want to lay in it so she moved to the other bed.

Today I have to figure out how to get both these huge dog beds washed.  We can't take them out to hose them off (it's freezing and raining - almost sleeting outside right now) and I'm going to have to see if I can get most of the smells out in my washing machine - but these are big dogs with big beds.  

That's on my 'to do' list right now actually.  One bed at a time and although it won't be able to agitate in the washer since it's huge, even saturating it with fresh water, soap and Downy Scent Beads should be enough to get it human-nose-clean.

And thankfully the bigger dog seems to know she was being an asshole last night peeing on the bed like that so she's not done it again and I woke up to zero pee spots from either of them this morning.  (We let the sick dog out an extra potty break around 1:am now as well as the usual 9:30 pm and 7:am times which helps).

I kind of chuckled to myself just now as well because I literally JUST bought them new beds the week of Christmas.  We had family coming and even the 'normal' smell of dog hair/oils that make dog beds smell like normal 'dog' is too much for my sensitive nose so I replaced them literally less than 3 weeks ago.  (Right before we got the Lymphoma diagnosis... and she got put on Prednisone and started releasing urine accidentally...)  But of course!  *wink*