Greetings!  A little bit later 'coffee break' and the coffee is uh, not as good as usual, but I'm here!

REASON COFFEE ISN'T AS GOOD... poor thing, it's not its fault.  It's just that I'm really really used to my Cuisinart Coffee Brewer with some yummy Pacific Bold k-cups buuuuuut.... we are out of k-cups and on a strict, strict budget right now so it's back to the regular Hamilton Beach BrewStation (link below) and grinding our own beans, which I bought ages ago and were kept in the freezer (not optimal but better than 6-9 months in the kitchen cupboard).

It's... fine.

I just have to get used to the flavor/taste of regular brewed coffee again after being just a little bit spoiled with the Cuisinart.  (The Keurig is in the kitchen - Mr. Coffee uses that one while I use the one in the office.  I honestly like the taste of the Cuisinart even better than the Keurig!)

So... 2020 has turned 21.

It can legally drink now.  

But, does anyone really want to see a drunk 2020?  






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  1. That’s a toque ......not a beanie. Lol.

    1. Yep it is... until you cross that US/Canada border! Then it's a beanie. ;)


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