I saw this meme in my files and a tiny smile came to my face.  So true.  When I'm avoiding one task, I can get 10 others done just to keep avoiding the one I didn't want to do. 

Kind of reminds me of being back in high school when you don't want to do your homework so suddenly you are cleaning your room, organizing your clothes in the closet or... alphabetizing your makeup or something.  LOL.  Anything to avoid the homework!  (Probably not done by teens today though; they would just waste time on their phones or gaming...)
I should be featuring a 'coffee themed something or other' on the blog this morning but honestly I just don't care to.  I'm not in the mood for researching new coffee makers, reviewing and writing coffee blends or brands or even looking for links to fun coffee themed objects or clothing.


Maybe tomorrow.
Instead... random COFFEE TALK.
So you all know my current 'missing' documents package issue with USPS.  But this week it seems that my Amazon order has also gone missing.  Amazon has told me they lost track of it and if it doesn't show up by Thursday I need to contact them for a refund.
The missing documents and the missing packages both went missing as they were passing through the lovely Atlanta, Georgia area. Full of such wonderful, honest, hard working people... I just don't know how this happened.  It's never ever happened before with any of my USPS, FedEx, Amazon or UPS packages.  Ever.

In this order were 3 baby toys so I really hope whomever is currently holding it, finds it so boring when they open it that they decide to close it up and deliver it anyway.  That's what my upstanding contracted FedEx ground delivery guys did... except they didn't close it up.  They just decided my baby toy and The Office DVD set wasn't worth stealing so they left the opened and ravaged box in the street at the base of my driveway.

What can I say?  I'm a boring conservative middle class white woman... I order baby toys and The Office DVD's.