It's Just the Coffee Talking.... a bunch of coffee themed socks


So - socks.

Let's talk about coffee themed socks.

I have some and I love them. L.O.V.E. them.  I love them and the similar ones I have that instead of saying "if you can read this bring me coffee"  they say "fuck off" - both great depending on the day and what frame of mind I'm in.

My coffee socks are gray with 2 stripes across the top (like the ones pictured 7 socks down below) but mine have nothing on the ankle and say "if you can read this bring me coffee" on the bottom.  My fuck off socks (which you can also find on Amazon - it's where they were purchased from by me 2 years ago but they are still available) are similar but are black with 2 white stripes and the words on the bottom.

For those who like more cutsie socks, fuzzy socks or more creative, cartoon socks, we've got those too.  I've done a quick looksie at Amazon (because number one, so many people like to shop there anyway and two, I have an affiliate account there) and I've found a bunch of coffee themed socks for my coffee loving readers to browse.


And really quick... I know these are not coffee themed, but they are kind of coffee theme colored and I just love them personally so I have to include them here.  Just because.



Green orange coffee stripes pattern Novelty Funny Socks Women's Colorful Patterned Crew Socks 

Coffee Themed Socks

Foot Traffic, Women's Stylish No-Show Socks, Coffee, 3-Pair Pack (Sizes 4-10)   




IF YOU CAN READ THIS Funny Saying Knitting Word Combed Cotton Crew Wine Coffee Beer Pizza Socks for Men Women





    Funny Saying If You Can Read This Bring Me Coffee Socks-Funny Novelty Coffee Gifts For Women Coffee Lover



Snoozies Pairables Womens Slippers - House Slippers - AM/PM - Large




Luxury Coffee Socks with Cupcake Gift Packaging: If You Can Read This Bring Me Coffee Sock - Funny Coffee Lovers Gifts for Women Under 20 Dollars -Top Novelty Christmas Present Idea for Mom



TeeHee Women's Foods Crew Socks 3-Pack (Coffee and Pancakes)




Hot Sox Women's Play on Words Novelty Casual Crew Socks, Runs On Coffee (Sweatshirt Grey Heather), Shoe Size: 4-10



Lazy One Fuzzy Feet Slippers for Women, Cute Fleece-Lined House Slippers, Coffee, Latte Sleep, Donut, Non-Skid 


K. Bell Women's Fun with Words Novelty Saying Crew Socks, Oatmeal (But first Coffee), Shoe Size: 4-10   



Lavley - Mens Novelty Socks - Funny Novelty Dress Socks For Men and Women (Coffee)   



Hot Sox Women's Food and Drink Novelty Casual Crew Socks, Coffee (Natural Melange), Shoe Size: 4-10











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