It's Just the Coffee Talking - Friday 1/8/21 and our signed documents mailed 2 day certified delivery with the USPS still haven't arrived... to a business 6 hours way


For entertainment purposes I suppose, I check the status of our signed documents mailed to a business just 6 hours away... on December 5th.  

They needed to be there in an allotted time period and when I didn't have any new updates other than it left our local facility that evening, I re-sent the documents by Federal Express on the 9th (overnight delivery).  So our documents made it with Federal Express and since then we've watched the two (2) attempts we had made with the US Postal Service to get the documents there.  

One finally made it the week of Christmas (mailed 2 day delivery on November 25th) and the second... well, as you can see, it's still in transit.  Regular readers know but if you are new here, another tidbit to the story is I submitted a request online for a refund and it was denied.  I also put in a claim for them to search for my missing mail piece but I've not heard back except for the computer generated response letting me know they received my request.  






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