It's Just The Coffee Talking: I didn't know that! (*period products are FSA and HSA eligible? And Male Painted Buntings....)

So I gave it away in the title but so what?

I love learning new things - big or small.  And in just 25 seconds I learned two new-to-me things.

The first - how did I never know this bird existed before today?   Well, I know the answer actually, because I've never lived, nor vacationed where this bird lives in it's natural habitat.  And I like birds probably as much as the next regular, average person but I don't love them, don't study them, don't really read or research them.  So unless I see a bird in real life that I think "Oh, I want to know about that bird..."  I probably don't.

So yeah.  I never knew this beautiful colored bird was real.  It's just so brilliant and lovely!  My new favorite bird.  ;)


 The male Painted Bunting



This was just a little fact I didn't know and it's not even pertinent to my life since we don't use nor need HSA and FSA's (health saving accounts and flexible savings accounts).  But I saw it and thought "Oh wow, I had no idea!"  I figured maybe other people don't know this either.

When it's the end of the year and you have to 'use up' your health or flexible spending accounts, apparently period products are eligible.  

Hmph.  I had no idea.


And now my dear coffee friends, my washing machine has let me know it's time to take the first doggy bed out and put in the second.