It's Just the Coffee Talking.... one of those "I should be doing....." days

Today had such potential but meh.  I just wasn't motivated or felt so inclined so... I didn't.

Inclined towards what?  Motivated for what?  Anything much.

I did make a rather involved brunch (only because I was testing a recipe and two different versions of making it).  I did vacuum and sweep some floors.  I did get a computer/desk/chair set up rearranged for a zoom meeting tomorrow.  I did get tonight's dinner prepped.  I think that is about it though and that was really, almost nothing.

I really need to figure out if and when I'm going to tackle some of the projects around here that I choose not to look at and pretend they don't exist.

Like painting our master bedroom closets.  I've been meaning to get to that for about 3 years now.  But when it's a room that almost no one but you sees... it's really easy to ignore it.  (I should probably add:  we had the shelving fall down in that closet a few years ago and the new sturdier shelving doesn't match up where the old was; so the 'old' walls don't match the newer painted part.  And there is of course the wear and tear from bumps, hands, scratches... and then there is the fact that a tree fell on the house and among the odd damage was a leak in the attic that went to the bedroom bathroom - and they fixed it and then repainted the ceiling but did a crap job and I said "don't worry about it, I'm going to be painting the closets anyway...."   WTF did I tell them that for?) So yeah, I need to paint the closets.

I've been giving the stink eye to the rest of the house too when it comes to painting.  HOW many times have I painted or touch up painted this main floor?  But I am in love with the lighter white/gray colors and even the loggia khaki gray that is currently on my walls seems too dark for me now.  Since we moved in 9 (?) years ago I've gone progressively lighter every time I've painted the main floor from the sagey green khaki it was when we moved in but it's still not where I'd like it to be.  But oh the time, the work, the cost... we have 25 foot-ish tall ceilings in 3 of the rooms and a huge open stairwell so when I paint it's not just a slap-dash throw it on kind of paint job.  It's a climb-like-a-monkey-up-really-tall-ladders and teeter over the edges a lot kind of paint job. 

OH!  We got our coffee delivery yesterday - Joy oh Joy of Joys.  Our Pacific Bold from Costco that I ordered because I hate hate hate hate our local Costco and refuse to go there in person unless I'm truly crazy in the head that day.  I got 4 boxes (you can order it on Amazon too btw) 

If I find something to waste about 30 minutes more I can go start the grill and prepare dinner.

I've got a Big Bang Theory dvd in my laptop right now so I guess hitting 'play' would entertain me until I make dinner.

I just wanted to pop in and say hello as I hadn't yet today and I did actually have some freshly brewed coffee when I started this post (although I've gotten up and left the room a hundred times during the time I've been typing this and have since moved on to sparkling water)  it's still just the coffee talking.