It's Just the Coffee Talking: Ordered an Eton Elite Executive radio this morning (FM/AM/SW/AB/SSB) and other chit chat around the kitchen table....

I'm late to coffee!

So late in fact that I'm kind of 'over' coffee for the morning and have moved on to a  Zipfizz B12 drink.  I haven't had them in quite a while but found a few left in a container in the pantry so it's been a nice change this weekend to have them again.

So, 2021 doesn't seem to be much different than 2020 was so far, and in fact, now that I've got the baby here, no camping partner and Mr. Coffee doesn't camp;  I'll probably not be doing camping this year either BUT ever hopeful I may be able to fit in a road trip, I've went ahead and ordered a radio this morning.  

Now, I've had a Tecsun on my wish list forever, but I never had the budget to get it.  No, it's not very much money, but everyone has a different budget, different priorities and different things going on in their lives so... it sat on my 'thinking about' list on Amazon since last year.  

This morning I was looking over my list and noticed my top two choices for radios were now unavailable.  Such is the times.  They were Tecsun's (660 and 880) and a quick search of the internet told me they were rather difficult to find right now.  Besides, I needed to find it on Amazon because I had a gift card for there and was planning on using it up.

   I ended up placing an order and I hope I'll be happy with it.  I ordered the Eton Elite Executive (AM/FM/SW/Aircraft Band/SSB).  When I'm camping or when the power goes out here at the house in big storms, it will be nice to have.  I already have a Kaito emergency weather radio with a hand crank and supposed solar capabilities but it will be nice to have this one and keep the Kaito in my emergency pack.


Skimmed the news quickly this morning.  One thing that kind of pisses me off is that protesters know if they dress in red/white/blue or carry a flag, they can do as much damage, looting and burning as they wish and the news will call them a 'trump supporter' - whether or not it's actually TRUE.  They know to put on a Trump hat and the blame will go that way even if they've spent the entire 2020 rioting, looting, burning, stealing and attacking under the BLM and Anifa causes.   Over 1 million people that actually are Trump supporters have held thousands of rallies, marches and support gatherings with ZERO violence over the past 4 years yet for whatever reason, the public is quick to swallow the lies force-fed them by a very biased press.  Hmmm.  People really aren't very smart, are they?   Even when the FBI finds out later protesters are actually social-media wanna-be stars that hate Trump and Trump Supporters, you have to dig deep to find the truth because CNN, NBC, ABC, Yahoo and their ilk don't want to spoon-feed you that truth.  It doesn't fit their agenda.

So this is where we are right now.  Will be interesting to see what this week holds.  





 If you are interested in some of the things mentioned in this mornings post, available through Amazon;



 Kaito Emergency radios on Amazon


Zipfizz Healthy Energy Drink Mix





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