It's Just the Coffee Talking - Out of coffee... kind of

I have the day off.  

It's thrown my entire day off.  Actually, it threw me off last night as well because I didn't set any 'last reminder' alarm on my phone before bed, I slept oddly most of the night and I woke up even earlier than I normally do.

Random Coffee Chit-Chat


We are out of (good) coffee this week and the struggle is real.

Long time Coffee Talking readers sometimes remember and tease me about when we were out of coffee once years ago and I couldn't buy any until that Friday's payday.  I remembered our dentist's office had free coffee in the lobby (k-cups - not yucky pot brewed office coffee) and they always said "Stop by any time to say hi!"  So I did. 
Yep, I stopped by my dentist's office for coffee and to say 'good morning' and then went on my way.  They got a kick out of it, we chatted, they laughed at my desperation for coffee and we all had a good chuckle about it before I went on my way. (My dentist was also my neighbor; her husband was the office manager and her mother worked the front desk. A very friendly crew.)

The reason I prefaced 'good' coffee above is we are out of k-cups and out of the brand of coffee we are really really loving right now - which is the Pacific Bold from Costco (or you can order on Amazon as well).

Bad enough that we are out of the Pacific Bold - but we are also out of k-cups in general - even our second current favorite which is the Sumatra blend from Starbucks that I buy at Sam's Club.  We've been reduced to dragging out the Pablos Pride Coffee Beans, grinding them and brewing them in our Hamilton Beach brewer.

And the coffee is fine... really. 

But I'm really really loving (yep, I'm repeating that again) Pacific Bold right now and getting used to a new flavor of coffee is hard when you are craving and mourning your regular blend.

So here's the deal.

Costco is not close to me.  Sam's Club is closer.  Costco is also in a horrible part of the city, with a wonky way to get there and the parking lot is a strange angle with awkward and unsafe strange traffic patterns and a 4 way with a 2 way stop so often there are crashes.  Not to mention an awful store layout different than the other four or five Costco's I've shopped at and loved. And the crowds.  Always. Crowds.  And long check out lines.  

So this morning I ordered coffee from Costco online and whew!  All anxiety is gone.

And I get my good coffee.  

Until then Pablo's will do just fine - and I don't have to buy the more expensive but not as good Starbucks brand at Sam's Club.  :)




 Boring... rambling... yes.  But you know it's just the coffee talking again.