It's Just the Coffee Talking: Random quick tid-bit - I learned what a Knickerbocker is

 The most random thing... but you all know how I love to learn something new.  

Meet... the knickerbocker glory.  

The only thing I knew about the word knickerbocker is that it was part of a sing-song rhyme for children that has Dr. Knickerbocker, knickerbocker, number nine in the opening line and goes on to tell you to do actions with the words "now get the rhythm in your head - ding dong!"

It ends up... it's a dessert.

A British dessert that can be changed up a bit but should always include the red stripes on white ice cream, fresh cut up fruit and pistachio nuts along with a gum ball at the bottom of the tall sundae glass it's served in.

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