It's just the coffee talking: some people need strong, negative motivators while others do best with gentle reminders

About 20+ (?) years ago on a message board, I recall seeing someone posting an image of a pig in a bikini and the caption was something about not opening the refrigerator and eating everything in sight because you don't want to look like a fat pig in your bathing suit.

Random image found through search. I do not own this image. All rights remain with the original.
Random image from a basic internet search - I do not own nor claim rights 

- nor is it the one mentioned in the post.


The person who posted it loved it - it was on her refrigerator - and it was a motivation for her.   Being reminded that eating everything in sight when she wasn't hungry was just going to make her look like a fat pig.

She was sharing the funny comic as a motivator to others who might like it. But there is always that person....

I recall someone got her panties in a huge bunch over this one.  

Her ranting and raving was about how messages like this were damaging and not motivating. How you needed to have positive reinforcement and love!!!  You needed to be loving to yourself and gentle and kind and NEVER EVER put something like this up on your refrigerator.  

Now this woman believed she was right.  No matter that 90% of the responses to the silly pig-in-a-bikini graphic were positive.  The women/moms on the board loved it and said YES that would be a motivator for them.  Some said they kept a similar photo on theirs to do the same thing.  Some had a very 'bad' photo of themselves up as a reminder, or a picture of an obese woman as a reminder.  Something that gave them the will-power to not eat 'junk' just because they were bored, upset, sad, or grabbing something to eat out of habit because they weren't think about what they were doing.

This woman and her 2-3 similar thinking ilk went ballistic. 

I had no dog in this fight.  It was just a random message forum where you could talk about whatever you wanted.  So I was reading but didn't chime in... it was more interesting to study the people and their responses and try to figure out why they so adamant everyone who had a 'negative' image reminder not to 'pig out' on junk food was bad and everyone who had only positive, gentle motivators were good.

This woman could not get it through her head to listen to any of her fellow female friends that the piggy comic motivator WORKED FOR THEM.  That sweet little gentle reminders were... hogwash (intended) to them and did not work.  

It was obvious to me that "don't be a fat pig, put that cheesecake down!"  worked for some people and "You are special. You are unique.  Love yourself.  You can do this!"  worked for others.

Most could see this easily.  And told her.

She could not see it.

In her mind everyone else was wrong and she was right.  NO ONE should ever have a photo of a pig in a bikini on their refrigerator as it was horribly 'mean' to themselves and doesn't work to motivate you.

Even when all the women who it did work for chimed in to say their similar motivators were what helped them remember not to open that refrigerator and they'd lost 10, 20 or 40 pounds and were VERY happy with themselves.

That other woman never did acquiesce and admit that perhaps what motivates one person is not what motivates another.  

She simply could not and would not even try to look at her views from another angle, listen to someone who thought differently than she did or believe in any way, shape or form that her way of thinking was possibly 'wrong' in the sense that she shouldn't push her views on everyone else in the world because some people needed strong, negative motivators while she apparently did fine with gentle reminders.







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