Might have to buy a Warmie and idiots who think dogs are humans... it's just the coffee talking again

This morning I believe I have to run some errands - household and grocery - which I despise doing on weekends but there is no other option right now so... I believe that's what I'll be doing here in about an hour or so.  But until then? COFFEE.

So many tiny little topics swirling in my head.  (Big huge ones too, but I'm not 'chit-chatting' over coffee about those).





Until yesterday I hadn't seen/felt a 'Warmie' before.   It's a stuffed animal that is filled with grain that can be microwaved for 90 seconds to warm up (although you don't have to) and is often filled with a scent like lavender as well.  Snuggly for going to sleep, or as a heating pad; although the little one I met who had her favorite 'Warmie' used it as her lovey... her stuffed animal that goes everywhere with her.  Everywhere.  At all times.  

She's 11 months now and has had it since she was born.  They bought a second 'just in case' - a replica.  The exact same one but yes, much like Emma and "Hugsy" the Penguin of Joey's that she knew which one was the 'real' Hugsy, she knew the fake Sloth was not her Sloth and could tell the difference between them even by 8 or 9 months and refuses the second.   I suppose in hind-site they should have bought the second one at the same time as the first and secretly used them interchangeably from the start so they both were 'loved' equally!  

Anyway, the point is, I fell in love with her little 'sloth' and want to get one for the 8 month old, but I can't decide which animal I want to buy him.  I'm leaning towards the little fox or the gorilla.  I really wanted to buy the sloth but the 8 month old and 11 month old are best baby-buddies and that could get confusing when they are together and they both have little sloth Warmies.  Better to get him his own animal! 


I think I blogged about this one a few weeks ago but it still bugs me - and I think of it and many, many others when I read some of the social media comments on our own little city-based social media boards.  

Two large dogs (pets of someone but they were out and about) had stopped to enjoy a snack - a deer that had been hit by a car and was in the road.  This woman (like many other well-intentioned but woefully stupid people) was posting about those "poor babies and how starving they must be to have to force themselves to eat raw, bloody meat".

Yes.  She did.

And she went on to say how she's been a dog-lover for 60 years and has dogs, has always taken in stray dogs, etc. since she was 10 years old....

I'm thinking;  lady, how can you get to be roughly 70 years old and not know that dogs naturally eat raw bloody meat?  

Pretty sure she is one of those people that think their milk and boneless, skinless chicken all come from the grocery store, where they are magically made by a machine in the back of the store.  

As a side note - I HATE when these women all blather on and on and call all stray dogs 'someone's baby' and 'poor babies' 'oh that blessed little baby'.  It's not a baby.  It's a fucking dog.  And I'm not that dog's "Mommy" either by-the-way.  I like dogs.  I have 2 big dogs who happen to be sleeping next to me at this very second on their cushy couch beds, snoring away without a care in the world but they are NOT my babies and I'm NOT their 'Mommy'.  I am a Mommy... I've given birth to 3 babies.  But when people (including the vet's office) call my cats and dogs my babies and call me their "Mommy"  it makes my teeth clench.

But where was I?

Oh.  So self-proclaimed "life long dog lover" has NO CLUE that dogs prefer meat over dry, corn filled, commercially made 'dog kibble'. 

My coffee is gone.  I've got time to brew one more and then I'll have to get busy on those errands.



It's just the coffee talking again...





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