My signed documents mailed certified mail and 2 day delivery with the US postal service are STILL NOT DELIVERED and it's been 1 month. Yet they denied my request for a refund. LOL.

It's the first Monday of the new year... and the first Monday after the 'holiday' break for many.  

I would say "back to work" but so many people still are 'working from home' (in other words... hardly working at all) or not returning to work yet due to the China virus hoopla that this time, for 2021 at least... the first Monday after the holidays and into the new year means... little.

But I still like it.  For me it means the holidays are over and I can get all my little ducks in a row and get back to a regular schedule, regular foods, regular everything.  (Within reason of course because again, virus fears).


I have 9 minutes before my 'last call' alarm goes off on my phone that lets me know if I rush, I can hurry to get some clothes on and throw a bit of makeup on and hurry out the door to stay on schedule.  I don't really have anything in particular to chat about this morning over coffee though.

Lots going on... (unfortunately) but nothing to chat over coffee about.

Hey, are any of you surprised that the USPS STILL hasn't delivered our signed documents we mailed with them on December 5th?  Certified mail with 2 day delivery and signature required?  

A month.  The US postal system hasn't delivered them and it's been a MONTH.

(Yeah, remember they also stamped a 'denied' on my request for a refund for the mailing costs?  Because they are signed legal documents, I could put in for a claim but I'm not really sure of the amount they are worth... that's a weird question when you are talking about legal documents.)  But no they STILL HAVE NOT DELIVERED THEM and they were being mailed 2 day priority certified mail and going 6 hours from our home.

Sadly, believe it or not, I had to mail more (different) documents with them last Saturday.  Gulp.

This time they are life insurance application papers; with all our personal information on those forms.  Again... I gulp.  I have tracking on it but I had tracking on the other documents too.  I am hoping and praying these insurance forms make it safe and sound as again... every bit of personal information on us.  

My hope is that now that Christmas deliveries are over and they have stated they are not as busy, as deliveries will be more reliable.   Eeek.  So. Much. Information. In. Those. Forms.  But they didn't have an electronic option.  It was mail or fax only.


 And... with that my time is up! 

Thanks for popping in to chit chat with me!  I hope to get a coffee break later and stop in again.  Join in the coffee talk if you feel like it.  Comments are turned on.


UPDATE:  the life insurance documents were delivered.  No issues!  On the other hand... STILL no update or delivery on the documents for another issue/reason mailed December 5th.  Last update was in NC and dated 12/25/20 they are 'still in transit'.







Thanks for sharing morning coffee with me!