Protesters POSING as Trump supporters riot, but 1.1 million people attended rallies and support marches for Trump in 2020 and ZERO violence. ANTIFA protester even ADMITS it and caught on video... where is this on main stream news?







If you skimmed the above and missed it, here it is again.
If we don't get it, we're going to burn this shit down!  Let's go!  This shit is ours. Fuck yeah.  I can't believe this is reality.  We accomplished this shit.  We did this shit together.
I didn't know I hit the window that hard.  No one got that on camera... fuck the blue!  Fuck the blue!
And right after Ashli Babbitt is killed he screams,
"We did it!"
"You were right!  We did it!"


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These are available right now but you've seen 

all evidence removed from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter;

google has deleted searches from showing up on their servers

so I'm sure YouTube videos like this one will soon go poof as well.