Reading the Lord of the Ring Series out loud.... to my husband. Flashback!


This morning I saw a little blurb on social media that a woman was reading the Lord of the Rings series to her daughter for the first time. 

Instant memory flash.

Although my husband loves the movies, the first time he heard of the LOTR series was when I read it out loud to him.  

He and I dated in high school and because I loved to read and he hated it. In order to spend time together and get his homework done, I would happily spend date nights and afternoons reading the book and then explaining the story to him, so he would then do his homework.  I love reading more than anything else on earth I think.  And he hates it equally as much. 

We married soon after high school and were young and poor.  At some point, I was desperate for something to read; and remembered this odd looking set of 4 paperback books we had in the storage closet; they had been packed up and moved with us after we married.

Even though the boy never read, the books were actually his.  

His older sister had read them in high school and loved them, and had passed them on to him after she moved out.  They were tossed in a bottom drawer - I'm not sure he even cracked them open to see what they were. But they were thrown into a box when we moved 

I'm not sure if I liked something enough to read it out loud to him, or if he simply asked me to read out loud one night as we lay in bed, but either way, I recall starting to read The Hobbit out loud every night before sleep.  We loved it.  He looked forward to me reading it out loud for us every night and would ask if we could go read.  Ha ha.  He ended up loving the series and years later, after we had children, the movies came out and our family was of course big fans.  


This memory brought back a smile this morning when I read that a Mom was reading it for the first time to her young daughter, and I recall the first time I read it...to my husband.

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