So, this morning over coffee I'm pondering.... Verity.

Last night right before I shut off the computer and headed into bed to read my book, I don't recall what site I was looking at but the word 'verity' was on the page. 

It's not a word I've ever really thought about. 
It's not one I use.
It's not one anyone I know regularly uses and I don't even recall anyone I know using it in conversation with me before. 

I didn't think about it, other than the fact the word kind of 'jumped out at me' in the sentence (or maybe it was a long book title that had it in it?) and because I like to notice 'new to me' words;  said the word out loud, "Verity. Hmph."   Then, I got ready for bed.

After I was all tucked into bed and grabbed my ereader, I opened it and across the top of my particular app, it has a 'bookshelf' where it features random books as well as the one I'm currently reading.   Next to 'my' book was a book with the title... Verity.  That's it.  The title of the book.

There's that word again.  Ha ha.   Funny.  Twice in the span of about 25 minutes.

I read 'my' book and went to sleep.

But regular readers of Coffee Talking know I am a lousy sleeper.  Sure enough, around 2:30 am I was awake and after an hour or tossing, turning, meditation, prayers and trying anything to sleep, I gave up  and grabbed my ereader.

This time I opened the Bible.  I had no particular part or story in mind.  I just hovered my finger over the line until it 'felt right' and then lowered my finger to 'open' my ebook version of the Bible to whatever page it was that I felt drawn to.

I started to read. 

“The works of his hands are verity and judgment; all his commandments are sure.”

Are you kidding me!?

What the heck?  Ha ha ha!  

There is that word AGAIN.

Three (3) times in a row from 3 completely difference sources.  A word I've really never noticed heard or used before. Or paid any attention to if I had.

The word Verity three times in a row.

I pressed my finger down on the word so the pop-up dictionary would be enabled.


Unflappable truth.

For whatever reason, the universe wants me to see and know that word pretty strongly right now.

So, this morning over coffee I'm pondering....  Verity.



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