Stupidity.... a few more reasons to hate people. Let parents parent their kids and stay the fuck out of it. No really. SHUT UP AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.



I was reading some crazy stories this morning and just wanted to share a couple...  source: here

I can't even imagine... but in Pennsylvania if your little girl has a sleepover and there are 6 children present you have to document an evacuation plan, background check all adults and comply with local zoning ordinances....


I've blogged about this type of thing before... the stupidity of people pisses me off.  Pisses.  Me.  Off. 



How about having 'bringing a gun to school' on your record when it NEVER HAPPENED.  I've seen a couple stories similar to this...  fucking idiot teachers on Zoom classes.  

I started babysitting for my own siblings and one other family with a baby when I was 10 years old.  By the time I was 11 I was babysitting many neighborhood kids.  If I wanted to take the kids on a walk to the corner store, obviously I did.  Not too much different than this parent who allowed their OWN children to walk to the corner store...  and was arrested and charged for it.  



BAH.  I need more coffee.   







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