This week I was going through old home movies; the kind recorded on 8mm tapes with a Sony Camcorder in the early 90's (going to transfer them with Dazzle again I think...)

I've got 'old'  photos on the brain.  I was digging through pictures on the hard drive looking for some last weekend and saw a couple that made me laugh so I sent them to my son.  He loves old photos and movies of when they were kids... he's my 'family is everything' guy.  He loved them and  asked me to look through more when I have time and send some his way.

It's kind of a rabbit hole to fall down.  

This week I've spent my evenings in the quiet time between dinner and bed, digging through old photos but there are also old snippets of video and mp4 files too.  Video that was originally on 8mm cassettes filmed with a Sony Camcorder from the 1990's that I transferred to a disc in the mid 2000's with a weird slap-up hodge podge mixture of an old 8mm camcorder I bought used off ebay, and a video transfer program I think was called Dazzle.  It was 'brand new' at the time and very quirky. 

It involved a lot of wires and confusion but the reason I bring it up is that you had to let the entire movie play because it recorded and converted in 'real time'.  And... when you were finally done recording all those hours of home videos, and went back to watch the file later, you often found it recorded the audio about 1 minute 'off' from the video.  They weren't in sync. Sometimes you didn't find this out until years later when you finally felt like watching 6 hours of that family vacation video where 4 hours of it was filming the drive because it was 'so pretty' (???) ....  just sayin'.

Then a few years ago when I was trying to copy some of those old family videos for the kids I needed a program and ended up trying the 'new' VLC player - it was released in 2012 I think so it might have been somewhere around then.  I was so excited at the time that I had a program to WATCH the old video clips recorded with Dazzle.  But one of the things it did at that time was automatically change all the files to their versions of movie files which were VOC or something like that.  

And then life happened, and I didn't mess with any of it for a long time.

Until years later.

Like this week.

So the past 3-4 nights I've spent hours digging through old photos and finding ones I knew my son would like a copy of and burning them to a disc.  Then I realized he wouldn't be able to watch many of the old, funny video clips/movies that he loves so much because they were in the VOC file and he doesn't understand or do anything with computers and hates it so if they don't work in a generic video player like Windows Media, he will never be able to watch them.

So last night I spent time digging through 20+ years of old movie clips trying to find the ones that were saved as VOC and converting them to MP4.  

Seeing my now young adult kids as babies and toddlers again is both heart warming and heart wrenching.  How I want to reach through the laptop screen and pick them up and hug them!  That little 1 year old melts my heart and the hilarious 4 year old that is now in his 20's... the shy and hiding little girl that now has little's of her own... ahhhh.

It's a nice rabbit hole to fall down for a couple hours every night.

I've also decided that because the files are 'here and there' and the audio and video is not in sync and I don't think I even have many of the 8mm cassettes transferred... that is a project I need to see if I can do again.  It's something that will keep me busy for a week or two in my down time; but it will be fun to see those old home movies - some of which haven't been seen on the original 8mm tapes for 20 years.

I know I still have that used Sony Camcorder I bought off ebay in a drawer somewhere...  and I even think I have the old Dazzle program in my 'electronic junk' drawer that never actually gets opened much except to toss in some some chargers, old cell phones, cords that we "might need some day".  And if I don't have it... no worries.  I just did a quick check and Dazzle still makes programs so I could buy it again for less than 50 bucks; or I'm sure if I start to look there are probably more options 'out there' that weren't available 15-20 years ago.

Now... to try to find that little old cigar box where I had put the 8mm cassette tapes.....  hmmm.


Sorry this little rambling morning post was kind of boring... it's just the coffee talking again.




You might be interested in the Dazzle Video Transfer Program I mentioned in this post - still available from Amazon apparently...

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