Various Mr. Coffee Coffee Makers......

I'm here... with coffee but it's cold and I'm later posting than normal.  Time got away from me this morning and I've been on the go since.  I did start a pretty well intentioned post this morning before I ran out of time.  

So that means you're going to get the slap-up-call-it-good-enough post.

The original post idea was from an email I got from Mr. Coffee brand coffee makers about 2 weeks ago.  It featured a bunch of their coffee machines (cold, hot, espresso, etc.)   I decided to do a post on some of their various coffee brewers available through Amazon and started the post this morning before running out of time and having to stop.

A basic brewer... I like to keep one for emergencies, just in case, household guests, running out of k-cups and need to use regular coffee, etc.



Another basic brewer- programmable, with a clock, etc. 




Mmmm Cafe Barista - fancy dancy


My elderly FIL comes to mind with this one.  Cheap, basic, no frills, 'don't need it to do anything but make coffee and only want one button!  On and off!"  



 Iced Coffee!








Outta time!!!!