CoffeeTalking - word of the day is Big Bang Theory

It's Friday.
I have the day off and so, am sitting here with my second third cup of fresh coffee.

Years ago I used to do a thing here on Coffee Talking where I would grab the book that was nearest to me, open it up on a random page and, closing my eyes, point to a word.  That would be the word of the morning to chat over coffee about.  Whatever it was.  

Since I have little I want to chat about, I think I'm going to do that again this morning. 







So apparently the topic this morning will be "Big Bang Theory"

Although my book was mentioning the Big Bang Theory as a science topic, my coffee talking will take it in another direction.  The TV series.

If you are a regular reader of CoffeeTalking.com, you know I don't watch TV.  I turned it off in the Fall of 1998 or 1999 and never went back. 

Over the years the only time I'd catch something on television was if I happened to walk through the room and it was on (being watched by my husband or the children) or if a friend or relative pointed out something they thought I should watch or see. 

Friends and family knew I was a hard sell, so it was rare, but if they insisted it was something I should give a chance, I would.  In this way I did end up seeing the Gilmore Girls series, The New Girl and The Office.  

The other series I watched and liked was The Big Bang Theory and that one, I stumbled upon on my own.  As a matter of fact, I was able to convince a family member THEY needed to start watching it.  Funny how the tables turned for once!

The series was already in it's 5th season (although I didn't know it at the time).  I had been on computer one evening and clicked through to a youtube video featuring Mayim Bialik in an interview.  The tv series was mentioned and they played a short clip of the show.  

I thought it looked interesting and funny (my kind of humor) so I sought it out to see a little more and see what it was about?

I liked it well enough that I ended up binge watching it and yes... I do own the entire series on DVD's.  LOL.  I've mentioned that before though.  I own  The Office, Big Bang Theory and Friends on DVD's, which I like so I can take on the road with me - especially on camping trips - when long evenings in the tent, in the middle of no where, without electricity can be filled with not only the typical reading, drawing and writing but watching an episode or two on a DVD player or laptop.

The Big Bang Theory for the most part was enjoyable.  Some random thoughts...

  • Hated the character Penny
  • What the heck was she thinking when she cut all her hair off?
  • Hated hated hated the vanity cards at the end of the show - most of the time he was a pompous ass
  • Didn't care for the awkward sexual jokes that they gave to the character Amy (the electric toothbrush, etc.)
  • Loved Stuart and Raj... although Stuart's character started out creepy, they revised it and made him a sweetie.
  • Didn't care for some of the story lines (like Stephanie) but from what I see online, no one liked her so I was in good company.
  • Love that the show made Science a 'thing' and got a lot of people interested in science topics that otherwise never would have given any thought to it.  Many topics brought up on the show would become hot 'search' topics online.  I wonder how many people went into Science careers because the show sparked an interest?
  • I see so many characteristics of people I know and love in the tv characters... it's funny and fun to see this
  • I see a lot of me in the characteristics of the characters too.  That might not be good.  Ha ha.
  • My husband never 'got' the show.  Didn't get the humor, didn't like the 2-3 episodes I had him watch with me and didn't/doesn't enjoy it at all.  He has always been a jock though - never cracked a book unless he was forced to in school and almost never since then.  ZERO interest in anything not related to football, weight lifting, working out, his job and career topics or guitars.  Me?  I read and research and take notes by hand... for FUN.  Science was my highest scoring natural ability on college exam tests.  Opposites do attract.
  • My son and I know the show so well we often quote it.
  • He named two fake fish Leonard and Sheldon and kept them in a fishbowl in his kitchen
  • I hated the episodes with Raj 'dating' the older cleaning lady at his office, the ones with Ramona, Charlie Sheen and Bob Newhart just to name a few.  And the character of the woman who moved upstairs above Leonard and Sheldon was nauseating, not to mention Penny's friend from high school that got it on with Howard and the awful deaf chick that took advantage of Raj... was her name Emily?  I don't recall.

Ok... I've rambled enough.  My coffee is cold.
I need to get started on my day.
It's my day "OFF" but it's cold, pouring down rain and have no extra money in the budget to do shopping or errands so.... 

Probably more house cleaning and perhaps some touch-up painting in the guest room today?  I don't know.

But first... coffee.


The book I was using to find a topic was this one - although there are many versions. 

Handy History Answer Book: 2nd (second) Edition



And of course, here is the whole series of The Big Bang Theory on DVD but this one is Blu Ray and comes with the digital version as well.  I don't have the digital version as it wasn't in my budget.

The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Series (Limited Edition Blu-ray + Digital)






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