Coffee Talking continued....

Last week we had snow... this week we have birds! 
Robins, cardinals and bluebirds.  Lots of robins.  So I think Spring is here. 

Which is grand - but we are expecting thunderstorms to start tonight and not let up for at least the next 8 days so....  sigh.  Snow or storms, rain and tornadoes.  Take your pick.  I'd actually rather just have it cold and not have the rain and thunderstorms.  Those are sucky to drive in every morning. 


Unfortunately we also already have mosquitos.  Yes, for real.  What the heck? 


  • We have a delivery coming today.
  • My notifications say we have two (2) coming today.
  • I only ordered one (large) item and I'm pretty sure it only comes in one (1) box.
  • We have two (2) tracking numbers and all the information (weight, company) for both is the same.
  • I'm wondering if we will receive two or one of the items.


UPDATE:  the 2 different tracking numbers (which were also slated for two different delivery times...) both ended up being part of the same order.  Since it was a large item they shipped in more than one box.   :)

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