Metformin for the Hydrochlorothiazide for the Ambien for the Xanax for the Wellbutrin for the Lipitor....




I own this one personally... I bought it last Fall.
I hope to share it with my parents the next time we visit each other.

 Do You Really Need That Pill?: How to Avoid Side Effects, Interactions, and Other Dangers of Over-medication

“Are you on too many medications? How about your parents? Most Americans over a certain age take five or more drugs a day, placing them at risk of serious side effects and drug-drug interactions. Here Dr. Jacobs clearly explains the science, the questionable need for many of these medications, and the downsides, especially in the elderly, and makes practical suggestions about how to reduce the number of meds you are taking.”

—Victoria Maizes, MD, Executive Director, University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine and Professor of Medicine, Family Medicine, and Public Health at the University of Arizona 



I had this one on my list to buy but it's $17-ish and it's not in our budget yet.



Are Your Prescriptions Killing You?: How to Prevent Dangerous Interactions, Avoid Deadly Side Effects, and Be Healthier with Fewer Drugs




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