Our fake addled brain President...  sigh.

36 House Democrats - his own ilk - are calling for a change - in that they don't want him to have access to the nuclear codes.   

Even THEY know he's mentally unsafe.  And it's his own party. 



And here we are...almost March.  No State of the Union Address.   We all know why.  He's incapable of speaking and will get confused and screw it all up terribly.  His puppet masters are probably scrambling right now to figure out how to do this.  Maybe pretend it's a Covid thing and have to have him give one that is pre-recorded.  They can use multiple takes - piece it together - try to cover all the bungled mess and dementia-like scattered thoughts with editing.  

But more concerning is that there is silence about it right now.  Can you even imagine if the tables were turned... sigh.