Screw off Nielson Survey... you crossed the line to being a pain in the ass. Stop the harassing phone calls already! Isn't 30 calls in a week a little MUCH????


ROTFL at the stupidity of AOC and Biden others...   (see meme). 

I have the day off!  Snow day!  So I'm here with fresh coffee and procrastinating doing anything remotely important at the moment.  So much to do though... from gathering all our tax documents and making an appointment with our 'tax guy' to paying some online bills, dusting, figuring out what's for dinner and more.  Blah.  Instead, here I am.


So, have any of you been harassed by the Nielsen Ratings of "Radio" survey calls on your phone?  

O.M.Gosh.  THEY WONT STOP!!!!!!

I don't even know if it's the legit Nielson or not.  I know Nielson does the tv survey but they send you an invitation in the mail along with a buck and ask you to fill out your TV viewing habits for a week and mail it in.  They've done that one for like, 30 years that I know of.  But this is phone calls bugging you to take their survey.  NEVER ENDING PHONE CALLS that say they are (quote) "Nielson Ratings of Radio"

They call at 7:am.  They call at 9:pm.  They call 3 more times throughout the day. Every day. 

The one and only actual message they left (the other 25 this week have been hang ups) was a woman speaking in broken English. 

I would simply block them except they are calling on our landline phone (which we have because cell phones are spotty where we live).  And our landline phone company does offer blocking but only 12 numbers at a time so in order to add these idiots to our 'blocked' list I have to unblock one of the other numbers.  Not a huge deal, I normally unblock the oldest one on the list as they've typically stopped calling after they've been blocked for so long, but it's a pain in the rear because it does take so many steps to do it and about 5 minutes of doing nothing but punching numbers, scribbling down the list of blocked (12 of them) numbers, choosing one to unblock to make room, inputting it and 'unblocking' it, then inputting numbers one by one on the keypad for the new blocked number, and confirming.  

It's not a quick and easy process like it is to block a number on a cellphone.

But I'm close to doing it because I thought for sure if they called for over a week and no one EVER ANSWERED that they would give up.  Nope.

So I suppose I'll be sitting here going through the hassle to block the Nielson idiots.

On the other hand, it's turned into a bit of a data-research experiment as to how long and how many times they'll continue to call.  And you all know I do love research.

Even if I would have considered taking their stupid survey at some point I NEVER EVER EVER will now because their marketing calls and harassment went over the line of acceptable.  

Nope.  Screw off Nielson Survey... you crossed the line to being a pain in the ass.