Yes, there is nothing we can do about the last election now... but the bigger concern is that it's real.  It's happened.  It's proven.  It worked.

So NOW is the time to think about it, deal with it and make sure it doesn't happen again in the next election.

It was fraud - 100% - and there is an overwhelming amount of proof.  Overwhelming.  As in... you can't start to look at the proof in all the various forms and still deny it unless simply put; you are determined to because you want to.

But again... the issue is that they got away with all out fraud.  Changing the votes to show an old man who hid in his basement, did no campaigning and when he went out to do a rally, less than 10 people showed up.  (One had 100.  Normally NO ONE showed up to the Biden/Harris rally's.  Zero.  Many times only the news journalists.)   He couldn't speak coherently. He couldn't even read the teleprompter without messing up.  He shows signs of what could be dementia... but there is mental struggles there of some sort.  

He was not elected by the people.  He was elected by a select few with the ability to manipulate the machines, the back-door ballots and easily use software to change the votes to be a precise percentage difference to show Creepy Joe the little girl hair sniffer to win the Presidency.   

If nothing changes, it can and will happen again.

A winner is not the winner if the election is fraudulent.  

(And NO I'm not an official Trump voter/supporter.  I am however an official 'JUSTICE AND TRUTH' supporter.)