Sad, pathetic little excuse of a 'marketing' expert... probably about age 22-24 and in their first "like, real, adult job! OMG!" (insert eye roll here)

Sadly, this is about the best the new generation of 'marketing' directors can come up with.  Seriously.  

Every single one of these is very, very typical of the 22-26 year old "I just got my first marketing job and I'm like... such an adult now!" headline grabs I'm seeing.

Basically when I see these or any like it, I want to throw up in my mouth a little bit.   Sad, sad, sad.

(I actually got all these pretty fast and easy - in about 1 minute - simply by glancing through the Yahoo 'news' headlines... no, I'm not joking.)



My life is changed over this mind blowing hack!

Am I the last person to learn about this?

Is it only me?

This is life changing!

This viral hack is blowing people's minds!

Social media users are freaking out over this!



Volkswagen's name changing prank gone bad... they said it was in the spirit of April Fools... but it was released in March. And... you know, that whole huge emissions SCANDAL just a couple years ago didn't teach them NOT TO LIE TO THE PUBLIC?


I don't know how old the idiot marketing team behind Volkswagen is, but if they are like the rest of the imbeciles hiring fresh college grads and giving them the keys to the marketing reigns, then Volkswagen deserves every bit of the financial loss this last marketing fiasco costs them.

Fresh college grads flooding the market and being hired by companies thinking they are doing good by getting fresh voices and marketing to a younger generation are idiots.  Because those grads are idiots.  They've gone through a piss-poor example of a college education, they have zero experience and wisdom and most of them know zero about... well, anything really. 

My mini-complaint here is due to seeing over and over and over their 'fuck-ups' on social media.  Seriously... zero brain skills there.  They are apparently prioritizing what they wear to the office that day, which shoes go with their outfit, what they are going to do after work that day or... more recently... they are 'working' (cough cough) from home in their pajamas while petting their cat, and doing a meeting every now and then on Zoom and getting paid full salary for shit work.

But I don't know.  I'm guessing.

Because VW's marketing team fucked up big time and I just have to wonder if it was one of those not really working from home people who dreamed up their latest 'press release' marketing name change debacle and not only was it a REALLY BAD IDEA to begin with, but they apparently were still in high school and completely oblivious to the 2017 admission that they lied about their diesel emissions tests and pleaded guilty to fraud, false statements and obstruction of justice.  

Something I feel like a 35 year old marketing team member would have been smart enough to recall....  and maybe say "Hey guys, this latest marketing prank is a really, really bad idea...."








From the news.... Oh, how I can relate to this Mama Bear! (Trying to get all four cubs across a busy street when they have ideas of their own!)

I'm sure a lot of my Coffee Talking readers have seen this, but I just had to chuckle as I watched it this morning.  OH HOW I'VE BEEN THERE.

The Mama bear wanted to get her 4 cubs across a busy street safely, but as she carried one across and got him deposited in the weeds on the other side and went back for another, either they'd come back across the busy road again, or the others wouldn't follow her as she wanted them to.

At one point two of them decided they would rather try to climb the telephone pole.  

Oh the patience of a Mama bear... ha ha.   

There is a video you can easily find on on news sources right now, but here are some screen shots from it... it made me smile over morning coffee.  Hope it does for you too!









Why yes, there is fresh, hot coffee in my hand! But it's only 2:00 so I'm good. Random things that popped into my head at 2:06 pm on a Tuesday. (Like, do you know your mail person's name?)


  • When you don't regularly eat sugar (at all) but someone gift's you with 18 macarons and you start eating them one after another (because you never ever ever get macrons and you really, really, really like them), how many does it take before you get sick?   Seven.  About, seven.  The answer is 7.
  • Scrolling through pinterest and instagram it's easy to read quickly and... incorrectly.  Like, for instance; say there is a post that reads "Rice Krispie Vests" with an adorable little Easter dessert table pictured and you think to yourself "Someone made their Rice Krispies into an edible vest?  That's weird.  Who would do that?"

NO ONE.  That's who.  Because obviously those adorable little cereal and marshmallow treats with little Peeps in them are nests.  Little cereal desserts nests with Easter Peeps in them.  Go back and read lady!  "Rice Krispie Nests".  NESTS.  

  • I think it's weird I don't know my mail lady's name but it's been too long to comfortably ask her now.  It would be really awkward at this point.  I know from growing up in a small town, not only do you probably know your mail-persons name, your mail-person is probably your neighbor from two doors down, the Mom of your classmate, or your Dad's cousin. 

My 'background' to this thought is that I watched my mail lady drive by and pop some mail into our box.  I was thinking to myself that I don't know her first name.  I do know her daughter's name (Nevaeh) who is about 5 years old now.  But I don't know her name. 

You see, when we moved here, I won over our grumpy old man postal worker (finally) and got him to start being friendly and smiling... and he was a really nice guy once you broke that ice!  But then he was retiring and the lady was a young thing.  And when she came to my house to deliver a package I met her outside so I could let her know if she wanted to just 'toot' the horn like the last mail person did, that everyone on this route knows it's the mail person and they will come out to the truck to get the package and she won't have to waste valuable time on her route walking up to everyone's front doors to deliver them.  (Where we live the front doors are usually up at least one set, if not two or three, of big staircases, with or without huge front porches... not like my days in the heart of the midwest where the front door might only be 12 steps from the mail truck, on a flat sidewalk with maybe 1 or 2 little concrete steps.)  Actually, when I was a kid, our mailman walked house to house with his little gray mail-shorts and baby blue uniform shirt, his striped gray knee-high mail socks and carried a big mailbag.  There were obviously a lot less packages being delivered back then!

Where was I?  Oh yes.

So I had gone out to meet the 'new' mail person and tell her the secrets of the previous long-timer mail guy and some of the things the people on her route might be used to, that would help her out.  And we chatted, and she told me she had a 5 month old new baby named Nevaeh - which is heaven spelled backwards for the 2 readers that don't know that.  (Because it was kind of a really big baby-name fad a few years ago... which is why most people do know it).

And so I know her daughter's name but I don't know hers.

But all of that went through  my brain in about 1.8 seconds because the initial random thought for the blog WITHOUT having to explain the background of how it came about into my head is....  that when we lived in Southern California - just 50 miles outside of Los Angeles, in a big city and in a large 700+ unit apartment complex to boot; YES I knew my mailman's name.

I don't know if anyone else did, but that probably tells you a lot about my personality.

A city of 300,000 people but my mailman's name... was Derry.



And with that, the dryer and washer are 'done' and waiting for me to switch them out.

Thanks for joining me for coffee!


As of March 19th there were 2,050 deaths due to the Covid Vaccine, 7485 visits to the emergency room and 826 permanent disabilities.... Oh, and my dog died.

As much as I intend to do some funny, amusing or just general chit-chat each morning on CoffeeTalking, I typically write out a post and then end up deleting it.  Instead I add a couple of the images, memes or cartoons, and call it good enough.

Yesterday I had along post written, and it was amusing... but it was about how our 'sick' dog managed to sneak out of her gated area and puke on no less than 3 different rugs the night before.  But I felt guilty writing or posting it because although I wish she had stayed in the gated area where her comfy bed is, which is situated on a shower curtain and a rubber backed bathroom rug to protect our wood floors under her bed (due to the incontinence and puking issues the prednisone she was on caused) I still had compassion for her - and anyone or anything - that is nauseated and puking because I hate hate hate being nauseated.  More than I hate pain.  Give me pain... I can take it - but nausea and puking is my version of hell.

I also had an inkling that today was not a day to say anything funny or negative about her.  

So yesterday morning, as soon as it was written, it was deleted.

And then I got the dogs up to go potty and do breakfast.
I had to help support the sick dog to walk, as she wasn't stable on her feet early in the morning.
Then she promptly threw up the prednisone pill.
And although she would drink water, there was (still) zero interest in food.
She laid by the back door and didn't want to go out to go potty.

I had yesterday "off" but was invited to run some errands with a family member for fun. 
I declined.
I also had considered doing some hiking at one of the local state parks and maybe bringing a book along to sit and read and relax after.  But I felt strongly not to do that either.

I needed to stay home.  I knew this.

I let the other dog out, fed her and then got the sick dog situated on the deck with her bed.  She loves to be outside - the other dog hates it.  Thankfully the sun was out and although we've had nothing but severe storms for the past 10 days, yesterday promised to be beautiful.

It was still a bit chilly so I covered the sick dog with a thick beach towel, put her water bowl in front of her and let her lay on her bed on the deck all morning.  The sun came out, it warmed up.  She moved to a shadier spot later, around noon.  I set up her towel as a nice little shaded corner for her, again got her comfy.

Her breathing was labored and she was staring off into... nothing most of the time.  I pet her.  Talked to her.  I brushed her (not because she needed it because she likes it).  

After about 11:00 she didn't want water any more than food.  Her panting was continuous and her staring off was constant.  After about 3:00 she didn't seem to know or care if I was there as she was pretty focused on just breathing, panting and staring.

Around 5:15 pm she left.  I noticed her stomach was moving up and down any longer and the panting had stopped.  I put my hand up to her head and smoothed her ears.  No reaction in her eyes.  I placed my hand on her stomach area, no movement.  I felt under her front leg to the chest area, pressing tightly to see if I could detect any breathing or a faint heartbeat.  There was none.

She had just left us.

I stayed with her, laying on her sobbing for about 10 minutes before I went inside to check what time it was so I knew what to tell family members.  Then I went back out and laid by her again.  It sounds crazy but I kept thinking I was wrong before, and maybe she was still with us.  Was that her eye twitching?  Did her stomach just rise a little?  But no.  Even though she was still warm, her eyes told me she was gone.  I put my hand over them and closed them... holding them down to try to get them to stay closed.  I did this a few times until I needed to go back in the house and compose myself again.

Still, I found myself staring... willing her stomach to rise.  Willing her ear to flick.  Willing her paw to twitch.

But she was gone.
And it was a good thing.
No more pain.

No more lymphoma.  No more puking.  No more incontinence.  No more feebleness and weight loss.  

It was fairly quick.  It was peaceful.  It was a good passing.

She'll be buried today by my husband, in the woods on our property.  She loves being outside.













Now why would Democrats be against voting integrity laws? Hmmm. And Biden (addled brain biden) blasts Georgia's new voting law but as always, is completely CONFUSED and gets the whole thing wrong.


I was skimming Reuters news headlines and saw some misleading 'headlines' to stories I've already read elsewhere so knew facts. 

I decided to click on a couple to see if the articles were as misleading as the headlines.

They were.

And this is from REUTERS.  

Where the fuck are JOURNALISTS!????   No... I mean REAL journalists.  Not editorialists. Not propaganda spreaders.  Not biased yellow journalists but true journalists like we used to know before oh, 2004 ish when I noticed things changing BIG TIME and QUICKLY. 

Now... we seem to have no journalistic standards in place any longer.

As a matter of fact, after reading through one of the articles regarding Biden mistakenly bashing and misquoting a voting integrity law that Georgia just passed, I see that the entire Reuters article bashed it and... GOT THE FACTS WRONG.

So, looking at the authors of the article I read that no less than SIX (6) people worked on the article and not one of them (NOT ONE OF SIX?) could get the facts right.

Reporting by Joseph Ax; Additional reporting by Trevor Hunnicutt and Chris Kahn Editing by Colleen Jenkins, Alistair Bell and Grant McCool

NO the law doesn't state that people waiting in line to vote can't be given water.

The text of the bill does not contain any ban on a person accessing water while waiting in line to vote. In fact, Senate Bill 202 specifically allows for self-service water being provided, but bans cleverly marketed gifts of food and drink from one campaign, lobby group, political party, or another.

From S.B. 202:


Gee, now WHY would democrats be against integrity in voting laws?
Hmmm... let's ponder that over coffee for a second, shall we?








Morning Coffee and the news............






Illegal aliens are being trucked in and unloaded...
What the hell happened to our laws?


Apparently REDDIT MODS are totally ok with a user posting hundreds of pornographic drawings of CHILDREN - LITTLE CHILDREN - and are BANNING ANYONE CRITICIZING IT. 


 Martin Niemöller


First they came for the Communists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Communist

Then they came for the Socialists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Socialist

Then they came for the trade unionists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a trade unionist

Then they came for the Jews
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Jew

Then they came for me
And there was no one left
To speak out for me










 Just glancing at some news while I sip coffee this morning.....


Is anyone even paying attention anymore?


Not only does CNN call the two girls that murdered the Uber Eats driver an 'accident' but Democrat liberals are trying to say it's the victims fault.  What the fuck is WRONG with people?  What is wrong with CNN and how did they get to be so stomach-turning full of LIES.  ALL OUT LIES and they consider themselves journalists? 




The Associated Press (yep, THAT "AP") tells reporters (TELLS REPORTERS) not to call the illegal migrants flooding over our borders a CRISIS.  Yellow Journalism and Propaganda...  and it's getting worse weekly. 

Remember all the faked charges Democrats tried to impeach President Trump for that were found completely false and uh, 'trumped' up?  You know, the ones Addled Brain Biden actually IS guilty of?  So apparently Romney has now been given an award for 'courage' for voting to impeach Trump.  WTH?  


So apparently I'm not the only one wondering if mandatory Covid Vaccines and vaccination passports, vaccinations to keep your job or fly violate the Nuremberg Code.....

Now that getting the Covid vaccine is mandatory for many people wanting to keep their jobs and from the sound of it, soon travel will be restricted to those with a 'vaccine passport',  I started to wonder if the line had finally been crossed?  

A quick 15 second search told me that others have been pondering the same question... 

It's one thing to offer an untested, unproven, quickly invented 'vaccine' with zero long-term testing to those who want it but to make people take it or take away their basic rights... well, now that's a horse of a different color.  





Just a few random people I quickly read who were also questioning the mandatory vaccination programs.....  Some of these were written back in 2020 and others were wrote more recently.  Still, I was glad to see there are many questioning.

I saw one meme that basically said of the mandatory vaccination passport to travel "... will it be a mark on our hand or our forehead?"   (See Revelation 13:16)


Dissident Voice

In many places, while COVID vaccines are not yet mandatory, authorities are rushing to prepare to make them so, by setting up schemes like immunity passports, vaccine certificates and mandatory tracking databases which log who has taken the shot and who has not. Meanwhile, inherent sovereign human rights are being limited to those who acquiesce to tkae the shot. The insanity and absurdity of the COVID cult is all the more apparent when you realize that its mandatory or quasi-mandatory rules stand in contradiction to a very important set of principles decided upon in 1947.


State of the Nation.Co

With the looming threat of mandatory vaccinations on the horizon, these documents become all the more vital and important for every citizen to be aware of their rights and what one can do in the face of medical tyrrany. On this episode of Objective:Health, we discuss the Nuremberg Code, the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights and how these documents are more pertinent now than ever before.



Most takers of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are unaware of the dangers of the experimental vaccines they are taking, an explicit violation of the Nuremberg Trials Code under which Nazi German Dr. Josef Mengele was tried and convicted. The Nuremberg Code requires fully informed consent of subjects in medical experimentation.

Nor are many even aware they are experimental.

A January 6th statement from Pfizer says:

“The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine has not been approved or licensed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but has been authorized for emergency use by FDA under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to prevent Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) for use in individuals 16 years of age and older. The emergency use of this product is only authorized for the duration of the declaration that circumstances exist justifying the authorization of emergency use of the medical product under Section 564(b)(1) of the FD&C Act unless the declaration is terminated or authorization revoked sooner.”

A former Chief Science Officer and Vice President for Pfizer, Dr. Mike Yeadon, agrees  that the general administration of the experimental vaccines goes far beyond the scope of the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), and may indeed be a violation of the Nuremburg Code.


According to the US federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), as of February 26th, over 1,000 deaths have been recorded as possibly related to the experimental COVID vaccinations, tens of thousands of reported injuries, and hundreds of permanent disabilities.  At least 4,000 of the adverse reactions have rendered people “unable to work,” or perform “daily activities.”

Will be Blamed on COVID

Prof. Cahill says, importantly, that not only will recipients of vaccines start dying in great numbers, but that instead of being taken as a sign for caution, the deaths will be blamed on new and different types of coronaviruses, feeding into a deliberate program to create panic and hysteria.

Former Vice President and Chief Science Officer for Pfizer for 16 years, Dr. Mike Yeadon, says: 

“There is absolutely no need for vaccines to extinguish the pandemic. I’ve never heard such nonsense talked about vaccines.”

“You do not vaccinate people who aren’t at risk from a disease. You also don’t set about planning to vaccinate millions of fit and healthy people with a vaccine that hasn’t been extensively tested on human subjects,”



A man's version of "I didn't do anything today" and a woman's version of "didn't do anything today" is VASTLY different.

When Mr. Coffee got off work I happened to be in the basement (where the garage door is that he enters through) and he walked in to find me standing there with an arm full of 'excess' paper goods I had gone down to grab from storage, as we were 'out' of paper towels and paper plates upstairs.  

Right before he arrived home, before I grabbed the paper towels and paper plates out of the storage bin, I had thought about the guests that are coming in June and how I didn't know if we still had our queen double air mattress for a 'backup' just in case we get more people that we anticipate.  So I had gone into the garage to look through the shelves and the camping supplies (didn't find it, and I'm pretty sure our youngest daughter borrowed it about 1 1/2 years ago and it's never been seen again).

But while in the garage looking for the air mattress, prior to getting the paper goods from storage, I also realized I needed to put down new glue strips by the edge of the garage doors where little spiders and other critters might squeeze through - which I do not take kindly to!  I MUST have glue strips down everywhere "just in case" because... it's a thing.  Just go with it.

So I put new glue strip boxes out, moved the baby infant car seat base that DH never put away like he said he was going to, then climbed up on a chair to look through a bin on a high shelf to see what was in it.  Looked around for a pen, found one, scribbled on the outside of the bin what was in it, climbed back down, went through the entry door, picked up my paper goods and saw DH had left the rustic framed puzzle out, which I had bought matte polyurethane finish for 2 days ago so I wanted to see if he had put any on it... and THEN I heard the garage door go up and he came into the house.

We walked upstairs, I put the paper goods away and he asked me about my day.  

"So, how was your day?  What'd you do?"

"Oh, nothing really.  I was lazy and didn't much of anything!  I didn't go anywhere or see anyone, it was awesome."

But as we walked into the living room I continued....

"Well, I did dishes of course, got the dishwasher emptied and ran a new load of dirty.  Cleaned the counters.  Watered the plants. Did the laundry.  Oh, and I had to empty out those huge 5 gallon buckets I had on the deck with rain water in them because I saw mosquito larvae in them."

At that point I launched into a story about how I had been planting tomatoes and jalapenos and planting seed plugs yesterday and had wanted to water the new plants and had noticed the mosquito larvae when I was filling up the jug with water.  This led me to get some bleach tablets to drop into the buckets to kill off the larvae, and how I saw a huge black ant almost an inch long so I had gone into the house to get ant spray and sprayed around the deck area - and a bit into to the rain water to make sure those little critters were dead before I poured all the water out because I didn't want them to find a little rain puddle and survive.

Then went on to tell him about how this morning I had to lug those heavy water filled 5 lb. buckets (which is about 40 lbs.), and I described how I (with no upper body strength) tried to lug it across the slippery deck (it had rained all morning) while barefoot and in my pajama pants, and how going down the stairs the water shifted and threw me off balance, and I grabbed the ballaster-thingy to catch myself from falling down the stair, but it broke off the deck railing and it fell, while I slipped and gouged my big toe.  Then I still had to pick up the bucket, lug it across the wet grass to the woods area, dodging piles of doggy doo and dump it at the edge of the woods.

And then I had to dump the 2nd bucket.  Another story ensued.

At that point I think I reiterated something about "But really... I didn't do much of anything today.  It was so nice!  But I did have to....."

Then I told him about how our (really sick with cancer and not much time left) dog couldn't get up this morning and how I let the other dog out, got human food (chicken) for the sick dog because it's one of the only things I can convince her to eat right now, and even that is only 'sometimes', let the other dog in, was wiping her paws and I heard the first dog drinking water so I knew she had gotten up.  I went on to tell him about how she wouldn't touch any food, but was drinking a bunch of water, and how I knew she would throw it up, so I was getting her back to her bed area (where I have a shower curtain floor on the floor under her bed for potty incontinence and throw up) and how when I was doing this, the other dog ate all the sick dogs food...  blah blah blah.

I mentioned how I also did research for about 1 1/2 hours on a new food sealer as mine is old and the heating element is going out but the company doesn't make the model number I have anymore - although they have one they SAY is for 'my' model NAME but it's a different number.  And how I decided to just buy a new one, and researching the top budget sealers and which one I decided on and how much it would be.

I planned dinner, marinated the chicken, and a couple other things....

And I realized that for me... this was pretty much doing "NOTHING" all day. But I really shouldn't say that anymore when he asks.  Because when he hears me say "Oh, nothing really...."  he kind of stops listening and thinks I really did... nothing.

Because when I ask him how HIS day was and "what did you do today?"  and he answers, "nothing"... he really DID DO NOTHING.  As in - sat on the couch and dinked around online, watched tv and maybe noodled on his guitar.  But really, did nothing.

A man's version of "I didn't do anything today" and a woman's version of "didn't do anything today" is VASTLY different.

Which reminded me of the old "I'm going to bed" prose that was so popular in the early 2000's.  Remember that one?

What Mom does when she announces she 's going to bed verses what Dad does when he goes to bed?

SO TRUE.  Ha ha.



I'm Going to Bed

Mom and Dad were watching TV when Mom said, I'm tired, and it's getting
late. I think I'll go to bed."

She went to the kitchen to make sandwiches for the next day's lunches,
rinsed out the popcorn bowls, took meat out of the freezer for supper the
following evening, checked the cereal box levels, filled the sugar
container, put spoons and bowls on the table and started the coffee pot for
brewing the next morning.

She then put some wet clothes into the dryer, put a load of clothes into the
wash, ironed a shirt and secured a loose button. She picked up the
newspapers strewn on the floor, picked up the game pieces left on the table
and put the telephone book back into the drawer. She watered the plants,
emptied a wastebasket and hung up a towel to dry. She yawned and stretched
and headed for the bedroom.

She stopped by the desk and wrote a note to the
teacher, counted out some cash for the field trip, and pulled a textbook out
from hiding under the chair. She signed a birthday card for a friend,
addressed and stamped the envelope and wrote a quick note for the grocery
store. She put both near her purse. Mom then creamed her face, put on
moisturizer, brushed and flossed her teeth and trimmed her nails.

Hubby called, "I thought you were going to bed."
"I'm on my way," she said.

She put some water into the dog's dish and put the cat outside, then made
sure the doors were locked. She looked in on each of the kids and turned out
a bedside lamp, hung up a shirt, threw some dirty socks in the hamper, and
had a brief conversation with the one up still doing homework. In her own
room, she set the alarm, laid out clothing for the next day, straightened up
the shoe rack. She added three things to her list of things to do for

About that time, the husband turned off the TV and announced to no
one in particular "I'm going to bed," and he did.





My favorite quote by a U.S. President.... Mr. Joe Biden


Everything I'm not going to do today; Biden royally screws up his carefully set up press conference (commit the man to a home already, he needs help), and twins born in different months

Gotta be honest...  I'm hoping I get very little done today.

Well - typical stuff anyway.  Dishes, laundry and mopping the floors will be done.  But not anything that SHOULD be done that I don't wanna.  Like cleaning that stupid master bathroom.  I hate that bathroom.  I'll probably post about that some day.

And yeah, I could go somewhere and I do need a few things but nothing I can't put off for another day.

And I could deep clean and reapply the wax/shine finish to the heavy traffic area of the wood floor by the back door but I highly doubt I'm going to do it or even care in about an hour when I'm done hanging out and having coffee.  


I just skimmed over a couple cute news stories (because I'm not reading anything this morning that will piss me off.

Did you see the one about the stray dog that kept going into the Dollar General store to steal a little purple unicorn?  FIVE TIMES.  He just loved that thing!    (By the way... the dog's been adopted by a family now.)




And these little Minnesota twins that have quite the story to tell the rest of their lives about how they really ARE twins but they have different birthdays.  In different months.  5 days apart.





Segregation and Racism is alive and well in California... and aimed at white people.
Oakland will give a black family $500 but no whites need apply no matter how badly it's needed.





Even with cheat sheets, our addled-brain current President that was fake-voted into position by crazy assed Democrats managed to royally screw up his press conference.  His many 'handlers' have got to be meeting behind the scenes, embarrassed as heck and wondering how long they can pull off this charade.


Dog's squelching stomach, Taylor Farm's Salad (mine! mine! mine!) and staying home... gloriously home home home.

My (sick) dog didn't eat dinner and she is laying here and her stomach is squelching and the sound is going to make me insane.  I may just head into bed at 7:00 to read for 2 hours because I can't stand to listen to that noise.

Do you eat Taylor Farm Salads?   Like this one..... 

I love them and often will pick one to go 'with' dinner that night.  But my husband is usually working out during dinner time so I make him up a plate and he eats later after he is done and showers.  But I love these salads.  LOVE them.  And I can eat a whole one myself and happily call it 'dinner' and not even bother with whatever else is on the menu.  And 4 out of 5 times go through the motions of mixing one up to go WITH dinner but then I eat the whole thing myself.  So I quickly grab a second one from the fridge (I buy them when they go on sale 3/$10) and mix it up - and act like it was planned that way in the first place.  :)   (And yes I tell him, oh, I already had some, you can have all of it if you like...)

Today I was SO FREAKIN HAPPY that I got to stay home... gloriously home.  I didn't have littles underfoot.  I didn't have a baby on my hip.  I didn't have a husband here (he was working).  It was ME ME ME ALL ME and NO ONE NEEDED ME!!!!!   

I know many people went crazy during Covid quarantines but people like me were kind of in our element.  And today I had ZERO errands and I got to stay HOME!  I did have to see a UPS delivery dude so I did tasks and housework that kept me presentable to see other humans; but as soon as he was gone around 1:30 ish, I did my messy tasks like planting tomatoes and jalapenos, seeding new plugs for other garden veggies, then whipped off my shirt, put some hair color on my hair and sat in the office reading online in my bra and shorts while I waited for my roots to be done.  And I didn't have a single, solitary person see me. Or need me.  Or talk to me.  It was (again) glorious.

Sitting here sipping coffee and multi-tasking a few things online that need to be done and I took a break to look at some news headlines.

I saw a photo and headline about a 57 year old woman who just gave birth.


Yeah, I had to stop and read that one.

You can look it up if you are interested but basically, she and her husband lost their 13 year old daughter to a brain tumor.  This woman also had a tumor, had it removed, and had kidney issues but she got it in her head she wanted to have another baby as they missed their daughter so much.  

She was healthy, does weight lifting, and found an IVF doctor in Boston that was willing to work with her.  She has just given birth to a 5 1/2 lb. baby boy they've named Jack.


My initial thought?

Man, she's gonna be tired.





No press allowed in the border patrol detention facilities under Biden. 

1556% - the current capacity of the Donna, TX holding facility.  565 unaccompanied illegal children per DAY crossing over.  15,500 illegal kiddos in custody. 


Joe's handlers put big CIRCLED NUMBERS on his cheat sheet so he knew which reporters to call on and he STILL got lost.  (Shall we also mention the reporters all have to submit their questions AHEAD OF TIME and Joe's handlers write out the answers for him?  Seriously.  No functioning brain cells happening in that noggin'.


What I'm reading... CoffeeTalking.com this morning with a list of books I've recently read and one I'm currently reading that I love! (Dan Simmons, Cardinal Sarah, Colleen Hoover)

If I have a moment of free time during the day, I'm probably reading.

When I went to sports practices and games for my kids; I always had a book with me for down time.

Every night without fail I read.

Waiting in the carpool line?  Reading.  Flying?  Reading.  

I taught myself to read by the time I was four and I've never, ever looked back.   

Normally I skip over 'what I'm reading' posts others write.  Honestly, I don't really care what others read and it's hard to find women who like reading what I do.  Females tend to like romance novels or books that add romance in some form to the story even when it's actually supposed to be Sci-Fi or Horror.  

I tend to read more like a guy.  I love books on monsters, horror, sci-fi, bio-terrorism, medical thrillers, apocalyptic, dystopian themed, end of world, military themed, etc.  Mixed in there is a heavy dose of historical books, psychological reads, and classics.  Then of course I get on my 'research' kicks; I'll be reading a book that will mention... something interesting... be it a word, phrase, historical fact, person, place or event that I feel compelled to scribble down to study/research and read about later.  I fall down rabbit holes this way!  Ha.

BUT it just so happens I've stepped out and read a couple 'other' styles books recently, including "Verity" (which yeah, is a chick-read... meh) and read the two books that became the basis for the tv series "The Handmaid's Tale"  (because remember, I don't watch tv so I've never seen them).

I read a lot of cookbooks and a lot of historical books published in the late 1800's and early 1900's.  LOVE LOVE LOVE those.  Books that have more truth and facts in them than the white-washed, politically correct, propaganda based and very butchered versions 're' written today.  Anything written about history and published since 2000-ish is probably not historically accurate and will have a slant to it or often, all out made-up 'facts' that are not even remotely true but history is being re-written.


Sorry.  I've gone on a ramble again.  It's just the coffee talking....  so let's take one more sip and get to the current list.

*I needed a break from horror, apocalypse, Sci-fi and such which led me to reading these books*

This first book is not one I would ever normally choose.  It's a girly book with stupid, predictable romance (sigh) but there is a reason I 'found it' and decided to read it.  Regular readers of coffeetalking.com might recall a post in January where I chatted about coming across the word 'verity' no less than THREE TIMES from random sources in a matter of a few hours.  Twice in 25 minutes even. (https://www.coffeetalking.com/2021/01/so-this-morning-over-coffee-im.html).

Later, I found the book that had been listed at the top of my app (see the post for explanation if you wish) and although a 'girly girl' book, I thought the story-line was interesting enough to give it a try.  And it was ok. A lot of stupid moves the main female character makes that are kind of like when you are watching a cheesy horror film and you know the blonde girl is going to take her top off, and run off all alone and be chased by a bad guy.  This character does a lot of stupid things that also made me roll my eyes, or think "why the heck would she say/do that?"  "Seriously?"  BUT I suspect most people won't be as critical of the stupid things the female (and male) characters say and do.  



This is a book I just finished before starting on my current read.  Overall I liked it.  I love history and this book is full of it!  But it's history with a twist.  I really love how Dan Simmons researches his subjects and adds all sorts of details and facts in his books.  (Maybe not the ones he wrote back when I first started to read him in the late 1980's and early 1990's... he was kind of following in the Saul/Koontz/King style back then) but I love his more recent reads.  

Black Hills takes historical facts, twists them into a story with interesting characters, a tiny bit of supernatural, and some romance.  I got irritated at the parts of Custer's sex scenes with his wife.  I kind of felt like Mr. Simmons was living out his 'dirty old man' moments writing those parts.  You know how a lot of old guys get to a certain age and like to sprinkle conversations with inappropriate comments, jokes, stories... and then do that creepy grin and wink?  Blech.  This got to that point.  I actually just started to skip the parts where Custer was 'talking' because it went from adding to the story to just being creepy.  (That dirty old man thing again.)   

I also just did a camping/road trip across the state of South Dakota a couple years ago so all the places taking place in the book were fresh in my mind and memory, which was cool.  Add to that my connection and interest in researching and studying history through the various Indian tribes and BINGO.  My kind of book!  I enjoyed this one a lot. 


Black Hills: A Novel


This one... sigh.  A great story that is something King might tackle but... this author manages to ruin it.  Have you ever been around a kid aged 6-9 who has behavior issues?  Wants attention SO BADLY that they will do anything to get it?  Will try to 'out-do' all the other kids by being louder, aggressive, yelling over them to get your attention.  Also tries to 'gross you out' to get your attention because they find it works so they keep doing it more and more and trying to outdo themselves and giggling and doing an irritating psychotic laugh when you tell them what they are doing is not funny, it's gross and they need a time out?

That in adult form.   The storyline is awesome.  The story starts out great and interesting.  Someone so hungry that they will eat and eat and eat ... yet get skinnier and skinnier, wasting away.  But this author then tends to just try to repulse his readers and see how far he can take it.  You get to the point where you just start skipping over those parts because this guy is... an ass.  Seriously.  Again, he just comes off as trying to be as gross and disgusting as he can to try to get your attention when he HAD your attention in the first place in a GOOD way.  The animals and people cut up and killed go into details that normal people just don't find interesting or appropriate.  It's that little attention starved brat of a child doing all he can to gross you out to get negative attention.  Meh.


The Troop: A Novel


The Terror.  Did I post about this one already?  I loved it.

Again... history!

But also again... apparently it's a series made for television that I never saw because I don't watch tv but the book was that good and that interesting that they made it into a series.  Take history, add a few twists, turns and characters.  It's good.  Really good. 

I found myself so interested in the 'side stories' I was jotting down to look up later that I had to stop myself.  But one thing interesting was if you start to research some of it online you'll find the website of a guy who on his own, just because he enjoys this sort of thing, built his own replica of the ship The Terror.  When the people involved in wanting to make the TV series needed to build the ship, they stumbled upon his personal website and ended up hiring him as the expert on the show to oversee the building and historical accuracy of it.   

Yes, the storyline included a few 'stupid' things...  a couple of them came off like an idea Dan Simmons had and planned to build on in the story but then either lost interest or had to/wanted to make the book shorter for publishing so it really wasn't built upon like it could have/should have been or he quickly rushed the through the end of that subject/idea or just made it disappear when he started off the book building on it, getting your interest in it... only to be left thinking "why did you even include that when you decided to take the book in another direction?"  But I really really liked this book a lot.  Again, history and facts win me over no matter what.  I love them. 


 The Terror



I started to pay close attention to Cardinal Sarah last year after seeing some of his comments, quotes and thoughts online in social media, in news stories, etc.  This man has wisdom, experience, and is just... wonderful.  Brilliant, caring, empathetic, and kind yet so incredibly strong, outspoken and matter-of-fact - he reminds me of my beloved grandmother who would tell it like it is if it needed to be said.

He submitted his resignation to the Pope last month - which they've been very, very close-mouthed about.  You see, although Cardinals 'retire' at age 75, they often stay in position much longer.  However, Cardinal Sarah is intelligent, conservative and outspoken and he doesn't seem to fit the current Pope's... umm... vision for the Church?   That's a whole OTHER post about the crazy loon currently called Pope and the strange and anti-biblical things he's doing and saying.  But anyway...

THIS GUY.  Born and raised in West Africa.  Poor.  Living under Communism.  Youngest Bishop appointed.  Appointed by Pope John Paul II.  Had an assassination planned on him by the communist dictator leading his country. Just so many interesting things in his life.

He will speak the truth if it needs to be said but oh, the hardships he's faced!  He's been there, done that, seen that. Such a hard worker willing to do whatever it takes (including giving his life, literally, if need be) to bring the truth of God and the Bible to people.   

Even if you don't care to read things about the church, religion or the Catholic religion, reading this just for the fact that he's an interesting man with a captivating story to tell is worth the read.


God or Nothing



I've rambled long enough for now... time to refresh my coffee one more time and get started on my day.  Thanks for hanging out with me and enjoying some coffee talk.