A Syrian Muslim kills 10 white people - it was a fucking hate crime. Wake up people! You are being spoon-fed bullshit DAILY by the media and yet you swallow and say "may I have more please?"


Six out of 8 Asian American victims in Atlanta automatically made it a 'hate crime' that blew up in the media, even brought dumb-ass Biden and Whoreis there to denounce racism, and blubber on a bunch of false narratives.  (The shooter had a sex addiction and a strong Asian fetish and he couldn't take the mental strain of 'temptation' anymore and went off the deep end... it wasn't a HATE crime - if anything it was a LUST crime!)

So now we have all 10 Boulder victims being WHITE.  10/10.  And the shooter is a Obama era "come on in and live in America" guy from SYRIA.  He's MUSLIM and hates whites, hates America and hates Trump so WHY IN THE HELL isn't the media telling the truth about THIS GUY????   They immediately called him a white Trump supporter until they CHECKED THEIR FACTS AND SAW HE WAS A MUSLIM FROM SYRIA.  Then they suddenly were trying to go back on social media to delete their racist tweets and insta's that originally were blaming the crime on a white American conservative male. 

ALL LIES BY OUR 'BIG' MEDIA.  Wake up people!  You are being spoon-fed bullshit DAILY and yet you swallow and say "may I have more please?"


On March 22, a 21-yr-old Muslim male who immigrated from Syria opened fire in a Boulder, CO grocery store, killing 10 white people. After the shooting, the mainstream media outlets quickly concluded, without evidence, that the shooter must be a white male Trump supporter.  Well, as is usually the case when globalist media outlets take a stance on something, nothing could be further from the truth.


The shooter - the Syrian American Muslim had ALWAYS had a history of violence as well threats and knew he could pull the 'hate crime' card... 



 BTW: the officer killed was a father of seven, a devout Catholic and a great guy.