Dog's squelching stomach, Taylor Farm's Salad (mine! mine! mine!) and staying home... gloriously home home home.

My (sick) dog didn't eat dinner and she is laying here and her stomach is squelching and the sound is going to make me insane.  I may just head into bed at 7:00 to read for 2 hours because I can't stand to listen to that noise.

Do you eat Taylor Farm Salads?   Like this one..... 

I love them and often will pick one to go 'with' dinner that night.  But my husband is usually working out during dinner time so I make him up a plate and he eats later after he is done and showers.  But I love these salads.  LOVE them.  And I can eat a whole one myself and happily call it 'dinner' and not even bother with whatever else is on the menu.  And 4 out of 5 times go through the motions of mixing one up to go WITH dinner but then I eat the whole thing myself.  So I quickly grab a second one from the fridge (I buy them when they go on sale 3/$10) and mix it up - and act like it was planned that way in the first place.  :)   (And yes I tell him, oh, I already had some, you can have all of it if you like...)

Today I was SO FREAKIN HAPPY that I got to stay home... gloriously home.  I didn't have littles underfoot.  I didn't have a baby on my hip.  I didn't have a husband here (he was working).  It was ME ME ME ALL ME and NO ONE NEEDED ME!!!!!   

I know many people went crazy during Covid quarantines but people like me were kind of in our element.  And today I had ZERO errands and I got to stay HOME!  I did have to see a UPS delivery dude so I did tasks and housework that kept me presentable to see other humans; but as soon as he was gone around 1:30 ish, I did my messy tasks like planting tomatoes and jalapenos, seeding new plugs for other garden veggies, then whipped off my shirt, put some hair color on my hair and sat in the office reading online in my bra and shorts while I waited for my roots to be done.  And I didn't have a single, solitary person see me. Or need me.  Or talk to me.  It was (again) glorious.

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