Everywhere I look I see stupid people.


I probably should try blogging a coffee talk post before I do anything else... I don't look at any news headlines, I don't make the morning commute, I don't check our local city/town facebook page... and I don't attempt to accomplish anything on my to-do list that involves dealing with a customer service rep or logging into accounts, etc. I need to do NOTHING prior to blogging.  Then and only then I might still be in a good mood when I start to chat over coffee.


If you belong to a 'church' that is all about rainbows and sunshine and love and fellowship, but it's not biblical based... it's not really a church.  It's a social group.  It's a fellowship group.  It's a club, if you will. But it's not a church.  

Also, if you don't see the humor in someone making a little joke about a woman cutting in line with a box of tampons, a bottle of wine and a carton ice cream and how you aren't going to touch that one... shut your damn mouth and stop thinking you have to preach to everyone how 'offensive' and 'sexist' the joke was.  You're just a damn idiot and no one really wants to hear your opinion.  It was a tiny 5 second joke.  Get over it.

People that bitch and moan and bitch and moan and bitch and moan about the pot holes and such of their street and complain weekly about it getting fixed... and then when the county comes to repave and it's a ONE DAY project, announced well ahead of time, given more than fair warning they will be fixing and paving the street... WHY do you feel the need to bitch about your street being closed off from 7:00 am - 4:00 pm!????  You are getting your damn street FIXED.  MUST YOU FIND A REASON TO BITCH ABOUT EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE!????

And I'm super happy for you wanting to get an untested, unproven, completely sketchy Covid vaccination.  That's cool for you if it's what you want. Your choice.  Not my choice.  But your choice.  Oh wait... people shouldn't have choices or opinions on having a choice unless it MATCHES yours? 

.... today has just sucked so far.  And it's only 9:am.