From the news.... Oh, how I can relate to this Mama Bear! (Trying to get all four cubs across a busy street when they have ideas of their own!)

I'm sure a lot of my Coffee Talking readers have seen this, but I just had to chuckle as I watched it this morning.  OH HOW I'VE BEEN THERE.

The Mama bear wanted to get her 4 cubs across a busy street safely, but as she carried one across and got him deposited in the weeds on the other side and went back for another, either they'd come back across the busy road again, or the others wouldn't follow her as she wanted them to.

At one point two of them decided they would rather try to climb the telephone pole.  

Oh the patience of a Mama bear... ha ha.   

There is a video you can easily find on on news sources right now, but here are some screen shots from it... it made me smile over morning coffee.  Hope it does for you too!








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