Just glancing at some news while I sip coffee this morning.....


Is anyone even paying attention anymore?


Not only does CNN call the two girls that murdered the Uber Eats driver an 'accident' but Democrat liberals are trying to say it's the victims fault.  What the fuck is WRONG with people?  What is wrong with CNN and how did they get to be so stomach-turning full of LIES.  ALL OUT LIES and they consider themselves journalists? 




The Associated Press (yep, THAT "AP") tells reporters (TELLS REPORTERS) not to call the illegal migrants flooding over our borders a CRISIS.  Yellow Journalism and Propaganda...  and it's getting worse weekly. 

Remember all the faked charges Democrats tried to impeach President Trump for that were found completely false and uh, 'trumped' up?  You know, the ones Addled Brain Biden actually IS guilty of?  So apparently Romney has now been given an award for 'courage' for voting to impeach Trump.  WTH?