Everything I'm not going to do today; Biden royally screws up his carefully set up press conference (commit the man to a home already, he needs help), and twins born in different months

Gotta be honest...  I'm hoping I get very little done today.

Well - typical stuff anyway.  Dishes, laundry and mopping the floors will be done.  But not anything that SHOULD be done that I don't wanna.  Like cleaning that stupid master bathroom.  I hate that bathroom.  I'll probably post about that some day.

And yeah, I could go somewhere and I do need a few things but nothing I can't put off for another day.

And I could deep clean and reapply the wax/shine finish to the heavy traffic area of the wood floor by the back door but I highly doubt I'm going to do it or even care in about an hour when I'm done hanging out and having coffee.  


I just skimmed over a couple cute news stories (because I'm not reading anything this morning that will piss me off.

Did you see the one about the stray dog that kept going into the Dollar General store to steal a little purple unicorn?  FIVE TIMES.  He just loved that thing!    (By the way... the dog's been adopted by a family now.)




And these little Minnesota twins that have quite the story to tell the rest of their lives about how they really ARE twins but they have different birthdays.  In different months.  5 days apart.





Segregation and Racism is alive and well in California... and aimed at white people.
Oakland will give a black family $500 but no whites need apply no matter how badly it's needed.





Even with cheat sheets, our addled-brain current President that was fake-voted into position by crazy assed Democrats managed to royally screw up his press conference.  His many 'handlers' have got to be meeting behind the scenes, embarrassed as heck and wondering how long they can pull off this charade.