I shouldn't do this crap before posting on Coffee Talking. I should post before I do anything so I'm still in a good mood when I come here.


I've had it up to HERE with trying to log into some sites.

So that is actually and probably the MAIN reason for being in a bad mood this morning.

Mr. Coffee has a new access site through his employer for us to do pretty much anything and everything.  It's the only way for me to see our insurance, our benefits, pay information, everything.  We have new insurance - which we enrolled in on Sunday.

On Monday I attempted to log in to view everything over, make sure it was all correct (health, vision, dental, life, accident, etc.) and I couldn't get in.  It said access denied.  


Tried again.  Just access denied.  NOT that it was the wrong password or username.  Just that it was denied.

Waited 24 hours and tried again.  Access denied.  This time Mr. Coffee and I opted for the 'get a code sent by text' and he was right here with his phone in hand and verified the number they were using  but....  ZILCH.  No code sent.

Requested a second time.  NOTHING.

Last time we clicked on 'options' and requested the code sent by PHONE CALL.


I made Mr. Coffee call the benefits center yesterday - which he was pissed about because he couldn't get through and had to try 3 times.  (*he never does crap like this... I'm the one who ALWAYS has to do the calling in for stuff and yes, sometimes it takes 2 DAYS of waiting on hold and calling back to get through... that's life now just DO IT.)

He was pissed but tried a couple more times and got through.

BY THE WAY:  I had wrote down 4 questions/issues for him to get answers for, told him to PLEASE TAKE NOTES so he remembers what they say and the most important thing - WHY ARE WE DENIED FROM ACCESS AND REQUESTS FOR CODES ARE NOT BEING SENT?  They need to reset the account so we can access it.

He was in the basement level so I didn't hear him on the phone but when he came upstairs he said;  

"Everything is active and the benefits are fine, they mail all the information to the house so we should get it this week."





Okaaaaayyyy... (?)   I knew all that.  When we enrolled on Sunday we GOT a confirmation code.  I PRINTED off the forms.  I HAVE all that information.  I DO NOT CARE ABOUT THAT.  

"Ok, but what about everything else?"

He looked at me with a blank look on his face.  Like he didn't know what I was talking about.

"Well the most IMPORTANT question was about being denied access to the account."

"oh.  Well, he said we probably hit something wrong and just wait 24 hours and try again."


"Yeah, I didn't think so either."

"The point was that when we requested a text and then a phone call...  you didn't receive anything."

(AGAIN another fucking blank look on his face and nothing.....)

"You didn't ask anything?  Say anything?  We waited 24 hours.  We still couldn't get in.  We requested a text and got nothing.  We requested a phone call and got nothing.  Today is the THIRD DAY WE CANNOT GET INTO OUR ACCOUNT."

(Nothing.  Blank face... no comment. He just fucking stares at me.)

This morning (Thursday) I tried again - one more time.

DENIED ACCESS again.  I text him at work to tell him I'm requesting the code AGAIN so let me know if it comes through to his phone.


I request a phone call to his number....


So now we are locked out completely.  I had to request have a code and password MAILED TO ME BY POSTAL MAIL which should be here in about 5 days.  


I shouldn't do this crap before posting on Coffee Talking. I should post before I do anything so I'm still in a good mood when I come here.