If you say "Fuck Off" backwards, it still says fuck off but with an Irish accent. - Happy Monday! Happy? Meh.. It's Monday!

Coffee talking hasn't been full of my regular coffee-talk around the kitchen table for a couple months.  I know.

A few different reasons for that.  

A big one:  I hate this 'new' version of blogger for writing, editing and etc.  

(It's been out a few months now since fall/winter but it's the newest version and it sucks...  they know it.  They don't care.  Many little irksome things changed and I find myself pissed off at least once or twice during every day of posting because of some of the little things they changed that no longer work at all, others can't be done, are difficult to do or now take 7 steps to do what used to be done in one.)  I hate Word Press even more though, so I'm not going to go through the pain-in-the-rear to switch platforms either.  

Instead I just don't talk as much.

But I do in my head!  I know I say it all the time but I really, really should give in and just do the podcast instead of writing.  But... meh, too much work.  No time for that.  Not when I'd be doing it for free on my own dime and my own time.

But yes, I ALWAYS have much to say!


All of it.



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