I'm ready for a new week! I have my umbrella, flip flops, mittens, suntan lotion, winter coat, sunglasses, thermals, iced tea AND hot chocolate....

Socialism.  Communism.  Re-distribution. They all fail for a reason.  It's not rocket science either.
A kindergartner should be able to explain it to you.

Saw this meme making the rounds and had to nod and smirk.  YEP.  This is about right.
Last week I actually had one day where I had to turn on the A/C because it had been hitting the 70's and up to almost 80 and the heat would permeate the house to make the bedroom really, really warm at night when trying to sleep.

I should have known... within a day we got hit with freezing weather again.  Tried to tough it out but brrr.  I laid in bed shivering all night so the next day the heat came on.   

You just don't know what you'll get this time of year!

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