My foam mattress was poisoning me with chemicals. (My favorite mattress pad - which is actually a full 'encasement' of the entire thing. Waterproof, bed bug proof but best of all? TRAPS THE CHEMICALS FROM THE FOAM MATTRESS!)

I never know what I'm going to chat about on It's Just the Coffee Talking...  and this morning I had no topics, and didn't even know if I'd post at all.  But, the baby is sleeping (finally!) and here I am.

I actually have some caffeine spiked sparkling water instead of coffee as it's later in the morning and I'm past the coffee stage right now.

Background to today's post....

A few years ago we desperately needed a new mattress.  The one we had wasn't even all that old, and was a good brandname and style but it was a coil based traditional mattress and in just a couple years it didn't have good support.  My back and hips were killing me.  KILLING me.  We had 2 extra guest rooms in the house which I had ordered firm memory foam mattresses for and although I hadn't really used them much, the one or two times I had slept on them, they were heavenly.  Firm, yet soft, and I had a great sleep.  

I told my husband we were going to switch out mattresses and try the foam.

And?  I slept great.  GREAT.  G-R-E-A-T.

So it was a done deal.

But the next day I started to get a cold.  Woke up with a stuffy nose, a bit of a headache.  Just a cold and life goes on.  But... my cold got better as the day went on.  Odd.

Next day, stuffy again.  Headache again.  I'm now thinking it's allergies.  We have a billion things to be allergic to where I live (mold, dust, pine trees, grass, rag weed, you name it....).  So I took some allergy meds.

But wait.

My stuffy nose and headache gets better when I'm outside and as the day goes on.  

And within a few days I was waking not only with a stuffy nose and headache but I was getting a sore throat.

After I figured out it wasn't a cold and it wasn't allergies I realized...  maybe it was the memory foam mattress?

I made Mr. Coffee switch our mattresses back out again.   

Sleeping on a regular mattress...  NO sore throat.  NO stuffy nose.  NO headache!

But oh my aching hips and lower back!

What's a girl to do?  

The chemicals from the mattress foam, which did not bother my husband at ALL were totally poisoning me.  

I couldn't sleep on the regular mattress without my hips aching so badly and me basically getting very little sleep at all because I woke so many times during the night - and once awake, I can take up to 2 hours to get back to sleep.


So there you go.  I realized our foam mattress was killing me with chemicals I couldn't smell or see, but I didn't have $1000 for yet another new coil based mattress that would just wear in a couple years anyway.  So I started to look into mattress covers.



Now the rest of the story.... 

I researched mattress covers and found one that was all encasing.  It was waterproof and bug proof (neither of which I really cared about) but I figured if it was that good, it should trap chemical smells too, right?

AND IT DID.  I ordered it from Amazon (under $50) and made sure it would fit our DEEP mattress (this is important - if you have a tall mattress or an extra 'deep' or pillow top verses the traditional size). 

We put it on the foam mattress and it really did trap the chemicals.  I was able to sleep great, have awesome support for my hips and back, but I was able to BREATHE.  No stuffy nose, no headaches and no sore throat!!!!

I'll post the one I bought below but I now I'll add to the coffee-talk why I'm even bothering to post this today.

We live about 1000 miles from friends and family, so we don't often have overnight visitors, and when we do, they usually only stay one or two nights.  The memory foam mattress we have on one of the guest beds is mostly "out of sight, out of mind" until someone comes to visit.  

The only complaint about the memory foam is how it traps body heat, so we know to let guests know that by 12:30 - 1:00 am, that bed is going to feel pretty hot because it's foam and traps heat. No one really had any issues with the foam chemicals until last Christmas - 2020.

We had family stay for 4 days and during that time both adults sleeping in that room woke up with 'colds'.  Stuffy noses, headaches and sore throats.  Their little children had had colds that week so they assumed they were getting them.  We had a great Christmas but they were taking cold meds and pain meds while they were here.

It was only after they left I had the thought;  "I never bought a mattress encasement for that bed!"  And I suspected their 'cold' may have been the chemicals in the foam.

Life got crazy and busy and we weren't having any visitors any time soon so I forgot about it again.

Until last week.  When we had severe storms in this area (tornadoes) so I opted to sleep in the basement 'just in case'.  I slept on that guest room bed and sure enough, stuffy nose and head ache within about 2-3 hours!

I absolutely NEED to get a cover for that bed.  ASAP!  We have extended family all coming in June for a small annual reunion and I need to know that bed is completely encased by then.  So, I went back to my Amazon order history to find the EXACT mattress pad/encasement I bought before so I could buy it again.

And they are still selling it!  WooWoo!  It's gone up a few bucks, but I know for sure it fits the deep foam queen mattress, it traps all the chemicals so I can breathe and it works perfectly well for our family.

And since I was online, and since I hadn't posted anything on Coffee Talking yet... that is how this post was born.   And here is the mattress encasement  I bought a few years ago and it's still working perfectly today in 2021.



Queen (13-16 in. Deep) SureGuard Mattress Encasement - 100% Waterproof, Bed Bug Proof - Premium Zippered Six-Sided Cover