Now why would Democrats be against voting integrity laws? Hmmm. And Biden (addled brain biden) blasts Georgia's new voting law but as always, is completely CONFUSED and gets the whole thing wrong.


I was skimming Reuters news headlines and saw some misleading 'headlines' to stories I've already read elsewhere so knew facts. 

I decided to click on a couple to see if the articles were as misleading as the headlines.

They were.

And this is from REUTERS.  

Where the fuck are JOURNALISTS!????   No... I mean REAL journalists.  Not editorialists. Not propaganda spreaders.  Not biased yellow journalists but true journalists like we used to know before oh, 2004 ish when I noticed things changing BIG TIME and QUICKLY. 

Now... we seem to have no journalistic standards in place any longer.

As a matter of fact, after reading through one of the articles regarding Biden mistakenly bashing and misquoting a voting integrity law that Georgia just passed, I see that the entire Reuters article bashed it and... GOT THE FACTS WRONG.

So, looking at the authors of the article I read that no less than SIX (6) people worked on the article and not one of them (NOT ONE OF SIX?) could get the facts right.

Reporting by Joseph Ax; Additional reporting by Trevor Hunnicutt and Chris Kahn Editing by Colleen Jenkins, Alistair Bell and Grant McCool

NO the law doesn't state that people waiting in line to vote can't be given water.

The text of the bill does not contain any ban on a person accessing water while waiting in line to vote. In fact, Senate Bill 202 specifically allows for self-service water being provided, but bans cleverly marketed gifts of food and drink from one campaign, lobby group, political party, or another.

From S.B. 202:


Gee, now WHY would democrats be against integrity in voting laws?
Hmmm... let's ponder that over coffee for a second, shall we?