The news media: FACTS? We don't need no stinkin' facts!!! Make some shit up!

Their is no doubt or denying our news media is biased.  They are almost all in bed with the Democratic party (sometimes literally, not just figuratively) and what passes for 'news' these days is anything BUT.  There are no unbiased facts presented any longer.  The basic "who?" "what?" "when?" "where?" is long, long gone (can we EVER get fact based journalism back?  I wonder....).

Instead it's a liberal Democrat only slant.  It's editorial riff-raff passed off as news.  It's spoon-feeding stories to the sheep - er, I mean the public, the way they WANT it to be.  Not how it is.

It's sickening, it's irritating and sometimes (especially over the past 3-4 years) infuriating.  

The current generation also thrives on drama.  Everything has to be HUGE and DRAMATIC.  Even a little sliver in your finger turns into the worlds greatest problem that no one ever, anywhere, has dealt with the way THEY are dealing with it.   And everyone has to 'one up' everyone else so every tiny thing is blown up bigger, better, more shocking, worse...

And when something happens in our world today FACTS DON'T MATTER and you DON'T WAIT TO FIND OUT FACTS.  Just make something up and run with it!!!  Don't know anything about the how/why?  MAKE IT UP!  CALL IT A HATE CRIME!!!  Blame white people!  Right now! Especially white men!  Hurry, I've got the camera on - 3,2,1... "It's a hate crime!  A white male! Crucify him!"

And then the news stations try to outdo each other!  Make it MORE dramatic!!!  Speculate!!  Fake scenes!!!  Get fake interviews!!!!  Pay off someone to come on air and be an expert!  (But make sure they support our propaganda... we don't want the truth if it doesn't support the version we are perpetuating!). 

Let's try to get people enraged against each other!  Let's get them fighting, protesting, rioting, stealing, looting, attacking each other and burning buildings!  Can we make it somehow attached to 'black lives matter' too?  Anything to rile people up and keep them living in hatred, anger, fear and finger-pointing!!

Oh wait... it wasn't a hate crime after all. 

Welp, that's fine.  It happened 2 days ago now, just forget about it. Everyone is already forgetting anyway.  What else can we run with? Has any young black male with 82 felonies ranging from rape to drugs to robbery of local gas stations been looked at "meanly" by a police officer?  We can always screw that story around to make the cop look bad... we'll call it racial profiling and get the BLM people riled up over it.  Anyone?  Anyone?  Well, get busy making something up!  Fake some scenes,  AOC can fake cry outside a jail or something... get busy!  We've got a country to ruin!!!!