The sound of silence is a glorious thing... and I soaked up every last second of it yesterday!


I've been kind of missing lately haven't I?  Well, fly-by quick posts but no coffee talk.  Partly because I wasn't in the mood and didn't feel like it, partly because we've had waaay too much going on around here that isn't blog-chit-chat and partly, in the past week at least, there was not time.  

Yesterday morning was the first time I had all four Littles (ages 6,4,2 and 10 months - although the six year old is a handful of noise and counts as 7 children himself!) not underfoot in over a week and honestly, my ears started ringing.  Seriously. 

My ears were ringing from the silence.

It reminded me of a rock concert I went to as a teen where the sound was WAY too loud for the venue.   

At some point in the evening I needed to get out of there and told whomever I was with (boyfriend?  friends?) I was going to the bathroom and would be back.  Instead I wandered out of the venue, down a few halls, past the bathrooms to more hallways until I found a stairwell.  There was no one else around and I was able to sit on the stair alone.  It was heavenly.  I remember how LOUD my ears were ringing from the silence of the stairwell.  I could hear the music thumping elsewhere in the building but the silence in my far off corner I'd found was so... loud.  

That's what my quiet home yesterday morning was like.  My ears were ringing and the silence was almost overwhelming.  It was wonderful.