Training people that make 5 times as much as you... Just text me, don't call... how many times I'm telling you to shut up in my head while you're speaking....


 This.  Oh... this this this.  LOL.

*This is why you don't call me on the phone*
Just text me whatever it is you need to say.

Again... this one kind of goes with what I'm thinking when those same people (one in particular) calls me.  You had one 7 second question yet we've been on the phone 45 minutes.  I've even put the phone down and did something else, picked it up every couple minutes to say "Hmm" or "mmm hmmm" or "yeah" and put it down again... and you never even noticed.

This one... yep.  I really do.
And I know I'm not the only one because my FIL went to a church craft show and bought some pretty sewn fabric bags to hold 'other' bags... apparently it's a thing.  And yes, I've used it for about 10 years now.  It hangs on the back of the laundry room door.



This next one... ha. Truth.

Because in my two last positions I was training people in their jobs - one of which was literally making 5 times as much as I did.  

The other one irked me more because she was nauseating and I couldn't stand her but was hired because of who her parents were and she knew literally zero - zilch - nothing about how to do anything in her job description and yet she was hired on making 3 times what I did.

And I had to teach her things as simple as editing our company website - which was 100% her job and she didn't even know how to open the editing program....

And the job I held before that - I had to train the new Executive Director.
I wasn't offered his position because I didn't have the Economics degree.
Even though I did the job for 5 months while they hired someone.
But I literally had to spend 3 weeks training him after they hired him.
Then I quit.