Volkswagen's name changing prank gone bad... they said it was in the spirit of April Fools... but it was released in March. And... you know, that whole huge emissions SCANDAL just a couple years ago didn't teach them NOT TO LIE TO THE PUBLIC?


I don't know how old the idiot marketing team behind Volkswagen is, but if they are like the rest of the imbeciles hiring fresh college grads and giving them the keys to the marketing reigns, then Volkswagen deserves every bit of the financial loss this last marketing fiasco costs them.

Fresh college grads flooding the market and being hired by companies thinking they are doing good by getting fresh voices and marketing to a younger generation are idiots.  Because those grads are idiots.  They've gone through a piss-poor example of a college education, they have zero experience and wisdom and most of them know zero about... well, anything really. 

My mini-complaint here is due to seeing over and over and over their 'fuck-ups' on social media.  Seriously... zero brain skills there.  They are apparently prioritizing what they wear to the office that day, which shoes go with their outfit, what they are going to do after work that day or... more recently... they are 'working' (cough cough) from home in their pajamas while petting their cat, and doing a meeting every now and then on Zoom and getting paid full salary for shit work.

But I don't know.  I'm guessing.

Because VW's marketing team fucked up big time and I just have to wonder if it was one of those not really working from home people who dreamed up their latest 'press release' marketing name change debacle and not only was it a REALLY BAD IDEA to begin with, but they apparently were still in high school and completely oblivious to the 2017 admission that they lied about their diesel emissions tests and pleaded guilty to fraud, false statements and obstruction of justice.  

Something I feel like a 35 year old marketing team member would have been smart enough to recall....  and maybe say "Hey guys, this latest marketing prank is a really, really bad idea...."