4 boxes of coffee delivered! (Each is 120 k-cup pods so.... I'm good for awhile!) I'm currently loving the Costco Kirkland brand of Pacific Bold but you can get it at Amazon too if you aren't a member


Ha Ha.  Yep - my coffee has arrived.  I've been on a Pacific Bold kick lately, which is the Kirkland brand and sold at Costco.  But I hate driving to 'my' closest Costco.  I hate the drive, I hate hate the parking lot (weirdest parking lot ever designed) and I really hate the crowds in the store.  That means I'm more than happy to place an order for 4 boxes of coffee every couple months and have it delivered to my door.


It's a little more at Amazon than if you can order direct from Costco, but still; each box is 120 k-cups so it's still a great deal and will last a long time! 

Kirkland Pacific Dark Extra Roast Bold K-Cups 120 K-Cups (240 K-Cups)





 FOUR!  YES I WANT FOUR!  Here you go!





Three for you?  Here you go!





Just two boxes please?  No problem!





A variety pack for when you want a lighter 'breakfast' blend AND a darker 'bolder' blend:

Kirkland Signature Breakfast Blend & Pacific Bold K-cup Bundle - Includes Kirkland Signature Breakfast Blend K-cup, 120 Count & Pacific Bold K-cup, 120 Count