A feathery houseplant that smells just like maple syrup.......... yep.

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

This morning I didn't have anything in particular I felt like chatting about so instead of coming to the office to have coffee while chatting on Coffee Talking, I grabbed the water container and started to water a couple of the plants.

Well, I guess that gave me something to mention over morning coffee.

A houseplant that smells (strongly) just like maple syrup.

It's called a Ming Aralia

Now, I'm not a plant person.  I don't buy them, I don't care for them, I don't want to have any responsibility of keeping plants alive.  I have 4 realistic-looking-fake plants I love because they look real and last for years and I don't have to think about them.

But I have a family member who loves plants... lives for plants... works with plants... and darnit if she doesn't show up with plants every now and then and replant my front outdoor planters, or bring me plugs for ornamentals she knows I don't have the heart to let die on purpose so she knows I'll pop them into the dirt somewhere or another.

I tell all these plants, I'll maybe water them once in a while, but other than that, they are on their own.  I'll give them a chance but whether or not they live is up to them.

And this one is a live-er.

She showed up with it.  I said no.  

She smiled.
I said I wouldn't take care of it.

She grinned and brought it into my house.

She asked me to care for it 'over the winter' since she didn't have a place to put it and it couldn't be out on the sunporch during the cold winter.

I told her no.

And then it came to live in the corner of my office where I pretty much ignored it and forgot it was there.  And she never did water it or care for it like she said she would.

And about once a month or so I'd remember it and give it some water.

Once in a while I'd pour out my cold coffee into the planter because I didn't want to walk all the way to the kitchen to dump it in the sink before making a new cup.

But it was enough attention to thrive I guess!  Because it did.

Now, it's a gorgeous plant... I don't deny that.  It's full of feathery, light little leaves.  It's interesting and beautiful.  But again, I simply don't like to keep plants alive.  That's why I mostly just have succulents in a few little containers I can forget about most of the time.

But this guy is determined to win me over.

And my family member never did take him back home after the winter was over.  Actually, I think it may have been 2 winters ago now that I think about it.

But the most interesting thing about this plant is that it's a Ming Aralia.  And they smell exactly like maple syrup.  Walking by it, you'll catch a whiff.  And watering it, you'll get a big whiff.

Maple syrup.

Strangest thing.









 Ponder over coffee....



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