After all these years, Sheldon was RIGHT to be worried about Leonard not returning that movie to the rental store! A woman found she was charged with "felony embezzlement" for not returning a VHS movie 20 years ago.

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So this woman lived with a guy 20 years ago.  He had two young daughters.  She's guessing he rented Sabrina the Teenage Witch for them as they would have been 8 and 10 years old back then.  She doesn't recall ever having seen the movie.   

There have been a few times in her life she's been suddenly turned down for a job after they've done a background check and she had no idea why.  No one ever told her.  But when she wanted to change her name on her driver's license after getting married, she found she had been charged (21 years ago) with felony embezzlement!

... for a non-returned rented VHS tape.

For those of you who are Big Bang Theory fans, I couldn't help but think; SHELDON WAS RIGHT TO BE WORRIED!

Remember in season 7, episode 8 when he found out Leonard never returned the movie rental?  He asked Leonard to do it, but Leonard got angry when Sheldon kept asking if he'd done it yet.  In return for Leonard understanding how much unfinished things like that bother him, Sheldon asked Leonard to wear an itchy wool sweater.   

The Itchy Brain Simulation....

"Leonard: Okay, Sheldon, I know I was supposed to return this DVD a long time ago, and I know we rented it on your card. But it’s been, like, seven years and clearly nothing bad has happened. So in-in-in-instead of being a giant pain in the ass like you always are, what if this one time you just tried staying calm?"

Turns out Sheldon was right all along.  You CAN get in trouble for an unreturned rentals.  Although I question the personality of the asshole that thought it was cool to bring felony embezzlement charges against someone for a plastic VHS tape.  Seriously.  The people involved in leveling that charge are just assholes.  But that's really not the point of the story I guess.

From the news....











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