Afternoon Coffee Talk: The monkey in Sam's Club, where to put the flower bulbs and... boiled cow tongue


I have Monday's off now and I'm loving it.  LOVING IT.  So this afternoon I'm happily not doing anything on my list of tasks.  I braved a huge grocery shopping trip at Sam's Club this morning and got it all carried in and put away - then made myself a B-12 Grape Freeze Slushy Thingy and relaxed on the deck for a little bit while I looked around and pondered... where do I plant a ton of flower bulbs I totally forgot I had!?

Last year I was gifted a TON of flower bulbs.  Elephant Ears, Dalia's, Gladiolas and I don't even know what else.  They were put into a box with SPRING - PLANT THESE IN THE SPRING written on top with a black Sharpie and I had my husband take them to the garage as he was heading that way. And then I promptly forgot ALL about them.  

This week I was getting something off the garage shelf when I saw a random Amazon box sitting at the back of the very top shelf.  Not recognizing the box, I climbed up to see what it was.  OH YEAH.  Shoot.  I forgot all about those... and where I live, they really should have been planted a couple months go.  

The box was delivered into my kitchen and sat on the counter for about an hour before I realized there were little tiny bugs climbing all over the cardboard.  EEK.  So off to the deck it went!  Then it sat there a couple days as I had no idea where to plant them!  Then it rained.  And stormed.  And the box got drenched.  Then it got sunny.  And the box dried out.

And now I really, really need to figure out where to put these poor neglected bulbs!!!  If they don't grow and thrive at this point, that's fine but I at least have to give them a fighting chance.


If you've been a coffee talking reader for a long time, you might recall me posting photos and mentioning the guy in Sam's Club and Walmart with his monkey.  Yep.  A monkey.  I've not seen him for a couple years - but that's not surprising with Covid I guess.  But today he was back.  Little monkey perches on his shoulder and hangs out.  I've seen about four or five times over the years and the interesting thing about that is actually that I go to a 'different' Walmart than the one near me.   As regular readers know I have my "bad" Walmart and my "good" Walmart.  I go to the good Walmart even though it's 10 miles away and the other one is like, 4 miles.  But I've seen monkey man at my 'good' Walmart - the further one.

Maybe he and his monkey like my good Walmart better too!  


OH!  I almost forgot!

I saw beef tongue for sale at Sam's today!  I've not seen that there before... and believe me, I know my local Sam's better than most of the employees!  They have a few 'new to them' things there now they've never sold before.  Even though I don't mind eating tongue... I've not had it for years and I can't bring myself to buy it or cook it.   I had it as a kid because my Dad was willing to cook it (my Mother would not).  He would boil it, then let it cool before cleaning it (slice the outside layer off) and then would slice it up thin and serve it with salt.  Very good - although gross to think about now that I'm an adult.

LOL.  But yeah, saw that for sale today.

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