Afternoon memes! This time CDC recommendation on seat belts, 'What do you call the end of the loaf of bread?' and a cat doesn't want to get in trouble so it plays the victim!

Part of my afternoon has been tackling a bunch of tasks around the house I never get to on normal days.  I wasn't motivated at first but for the last 3, I promised myself I'd have a 'coffee break' when I was finished.

And here I am!






Ryan Higgins nails it.

  Love this one...  LOL:   The CDC now recommends wearing a seat belt even when you are outside the car.  You know, to make us all 'safer' and give a visual of solidarity.

I'm loving this idea actually...  carry an old purse or backpack when you walk your dog.  That thug that rips it from you and takes off, thinking he or she got something good?  Got a backpack that holds nothing but a doodie bag full of your dog's crap that you've picked up and packed out during your walk.

I liked this one because I've done something similar....  "I just spent 10 minutes looking for the ham sandwich I just made..."

But a second reason I chose it today is that this morning I saw a Tik Tok video that I couldn't help but laugh at at the end.  You can find it yourself I'm sure by looking but it's a guy who is trying to tell a story and he's laughing so hard he can barely get through it...

He's holding up the end of a loaf of bread.  The question is:  "What do you call this piece of the bread?"
Some answers were obvious;  "We call it the heel."  "Well call it the end."  "We call it the butt of the bread"
But the best one - the one he couldn't stop laughing about is the person that said, "We call it the HOE piece.  Everyone touches it, but no one wants it!"  

    Got cats?  LOL 

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