Back in the 70's.... do you remember? Bikes in the yard tell you where your friends are

The meme above (Way before social media, this is how we knew where everybody was) I smiled.  What a memory.  Yes, many of the "do you remember" memes are exactly what I remember.  And absolutely a part of my childhood!

We not only figured out who was at whose house by what bikes were laying in the yards, but when I would go to the swimming pool (I walked all the way across town or rode my bike to do so) I'd scan the bike racks to see 'who' was at the pool already that might be a potential person to hang out with.  We knew each others bikes just as we know each others cars as adults.  Pull into the school parking lot, skim the cars looking for ones you know so you have a potential other Mom to hang out with at the game...


And this electric frying pan meme... wow.  What a flashback.   (Ours was avocado green)



And the meme of yelling "CAR" so everyone could get out of the street and let the car go by... oh yes.

We would throw a football, have running races, race our 'hot wheels' riding toys... we would play "Alligator" which was a game made up in the driveway of the houses and you had to get to the other side without being caught/ate by the alligators.. kick the can, hide-in-seek, Army... so many memories.

Lost in the 70's and 80's......  it's a good place to be.






Now we flash forward to 2020 and 2021...  Blah.








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