Chit Chat over Coffee - It's just the coffee talking....

Spring has sprung!  When I was driving this morning I made sure to thank God for the beautiful spring greens surrounding me, filling out the trees, the grass... everything is blooming and I'm glad I took the time out of my silent, busy mind to just stop and notice.

Because I know everyone is on the edge of their seats waiting to hear about the PILLOW UPDATE!  After I sliced open a few inches on the edge, removed a Walmart sack size of filling and sewed it back up; last night was my first night sleeping with my 'improved' Bellagio pillow and it was comfy!!!  Granted, you have to use a pillow for a week or two to know how your neck, spine and muscles are going to like it but last night I slept really well.  

I have a task list waiting for me right now and I'm struggling to chat over coffee when my mind is already trying to work on the other things on my "get done" list.  So really, I just need to close this post out and come back later when I can concentrate.

Thanks for popping in! 


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